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This repository contains the source code for web client used by


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Bugs, Suggestions, and Discussions has a very active community of Go players, however only a relatively small portion of the community actively develops the code base and regularly visits this github page and the issue tracker. As such:

  • should be used to discuss any proposed functional changes or any new notable features, allowing non developers to chime in with their thoughts and ideas.
  • should be used when it is desired to obtain a gauge on community interest for a feature or change.
  • The github issue tracker should be used to track all bugs, minor "obvious" enhancements, and accepted major enhancements. Any enhancements (and ideally bugs) posted need to be articulated in a way that it is obvious what needs to be done, partial thoughts will be closed and should be moved back to the forums for further discussion.

Utilizing the Website

Online-go provides several resources that allows you to interact with the project to create your own. These resources help to get you started.

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