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Advanced Tips & Tricks

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This is a list of those little tricks that can help you navigate OGS a little more effectively.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Anywhere on OGS

Numpad 0 Open a searchbar (except for in chat where it just types 0).

On Game Screen

LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW KEY Switch to analyze mode (if enabled) and/or scroll through moves (again, can't work if chat window is selected).

SPACE Starts automatically re-playing moves from the current position onward (speed can be changed in settings, disabled when in chat).

ESC Returns to the current game position, closing analyze mode or estimate score.

SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on any stone or intersection (in analyze mode only!) jumps to a move number in which that coordinate was played

F1-F12 Switches to analyze mode (if not already there) and selects a different tool. (Need to be enabled in your settings.)

In Chat

Typing a user's name makes the message highlighted for him/her

Hitting TAB after at least three letters tries to autocomplete a username

By typing "#GAME NUMBER" you can create a neat link to a game (exampe: #00000001)

By typing "player PLAYER NUMBER" you can create a neat link to a player's profile. (exampe: player 00000001)

By starting a message with "/me" you can make the rest of the line in italics

Setting up a Bot for OGS

Bots on OGS are run by normal users like yourself. If you are interested in running a bot follow this tutorial

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