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Understanding the AI review

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Understanding the AI review

Whenever you finish a game on OGS it is automatically queued for a free AI review (If either you or your opponent are site supporters full AI review will be launched and avilable to both). It usually does not take more than a few seconds, and once it is done, you should see a graph below players' names, just like this one:

:exclamation: If you cannot see the graph in your finished games it is possible you have disabled the AI review. You can enable it again by clicking "Enable AI review" in the right side slide out menu.

:exclamation: The review is currently supported for 9x9 13x13 or 19x19 games

The Win Ratio Bar:

The bar below the players' names displays the computer's prediction on who is winning the game at the current move. In the example above black is expected to win with 84,2% probability.

As you click through the moves, the estimation will always change to the current displayed move.

The whole bar is clickable and serves as a drop down menu. Should there be more AI reviews made for the current game (different engine or strength) you can click it and select another one.

The Graph:

The graph shows the win ratio progression throughout the whole match - top being 100% estimated chance for Black's victory, bottom being 100% for White's (also intuitively shown by the graph's coloring at any given point). The steep changes in whichever direction are usually the moves you should focus most attention on.

The vertical bar is the current displayed move.

The numbers below the graph show move numbers by 10 for easier orientation.

The red dots are just a visual representation what move was explored last and are a visual cue to see if and how the review is progressing. They do not indicate whether it was a good or a bad move.

Key moves are a collection of several moves that the AI thinks caused the biggest sway in either player's direction. You can click them to be taken to that move and explore it further.

The Board:

:exclamation: For site supporters every move is fully explored. Several key moves are explored for every user. If you click any of the explored moves a variation will be created showing the AI suggested most likely continuation.

The best move. The Blue circle indicates the AI thinks this is the best avilable move. The number inside indicates a percentage point change to the win chance (this will usually be zero for the best move, as it should retain the current player's best chance).

The move that was played. The black circle with the small triangle inside marks the move that was played and the percantage point loss. (In this example Black lost 19 percentage points from his chance to win by playing L10)

Another decent move. The intersections marked with only the number show several other good possible moves and their respective win ratio changes.

The green background - The opacity of the green squares below the moves indicate how much the AI explored this move. Unless you want to go very deep into AI review systems you can safely ignore this information.

:exclamation: Keep in mind that even AI still have weaknesses and especially the free review may misjudge complicated positions from time to time.

For site supporters only:

  • You can have the AI review even older games (before the current version was implemented) just visit the game and click the big blue "Full AI review" button.

  • You can have the AI review even games that were played elsewhere or offline. Just upload an .sgf to your library and click the big blue "Full AI review" button.

  • You can chose either Leela zero or Katago for your reviews, but keep in mind that Leela only supports even 19x19 games with standard komi (7.5).

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