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1-click QR code generator and shortener URL
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    -= README =-


Author :    Raphaël
Website :
Demo :

    -= Credits =-

QRL is based on 
• Phurl, a free and open source url shortening script
• PHP QR Code, a GPL QRcode generator script
• the favicon is from the famfamfam silk icons library

    -= How to install it =-
Step 1: 
    Place the content of the htdocs folder into the root folder of your webserver
Step 2:
    Open and fill the config.fillme.php file
Step 3: 
    Rename config.fillme.php into config.php
Step 4:
    Open, read and eventually correct the db.sql file
Step 5:
    Inject into your MySQL database the db.sql file

Step 6:
    Make sure that a rewrite rule redirects the visitor who try to access 
    to http://yourwebsite/([a-zA-Z0-9]+) to redirect.php?alias=$1

Step 7: 
    Try your new url shortener website !
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