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Spotlight Desktop

Windows Spotlight (native method) - Recommended

Good news, this feature is now built-in with Windows 11. I'm unsure of the exact version this feature was released, but it's available from version 22H2. While this application is very lightweight, this new method is far superior, so I've decided to archive this project. Thank you for all the stars!

Enable Windows Spotlight on the Desktop

  1. Open the Windows Settings app
  2. Navigate to Personalization -> Background
  3. "Set personalize your background" to "Windows spotlight"

Screenshot of Windows 11 background settings

Spotlight Desktop (Background application method)

All trademarks & images are the property of their respective owners. You agree to the license when you use this software. The developers not liable for how you use this software.

Download Now

This is a simple app that will take the current Spotlight Lock Screen image and set it to your desktop wallpaper.

Screenshot of Desktop compared to the Lock Screen


  • Very low memory footprint
  • Automatically changes the wallpaper
  • Simple install
  • Runs on start up automatically
  • Pulls locally from computer
  • No annoying messages or icons
  • Minimal update system
  • Updated for Windows Insider preview builds


  • Windows 10 with the Windows Spotlight feature