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@onlineth onlineth released this Apr 1, 2018

Complete rework of the entire project now using C#

  • New contributor @AnthonySlas
  • Even lower memory footprint in testing
  • Fixes existing issues
  • New integrated update system
  • Works on the latest Windows 10 Preview build
  • Still pulls image locally
  • Installed package < 1 MB
  • More features to come

Uninstall the old version (Version 1) as well as the beta before continuing with this version

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@onlineth onlineth released this Mar 29, 2018

Uninstall the old version (Version 1) before continuing with this version

The beta is posted to just make sure everything works. It is designed to find the current Spotlight Wallpaper, set it to the Desktop Wallpaper, and then close. After testing, a release will become available that runs in the background.

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@onlineth onlineth released this Oct 25, 2017

  • Finds new registry locations (currently three) for the new Windows Insider builds
  • Using Pyinstaller to package the python script
  • SpotlightDesktop Launcher is used to open the application in a hidden window and opening SpotlightDesktop.exe directly will show the console window with the output of the paths and when the script detects a new image location
  • Due to some of the issues with accessing registry locations from the script directly, a compiled version RegLookup has been used to make registry queries for the two new registry locations where the spotlight image could be
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Oct 24, 2017
Rework of finding location
- Checks all three known (to me at least) locations of where the spotlight path could be)
- Where the new spotlight images are saved are specific to each user on the system. This will choose an image path relative to the user's appdata folder.
Oct 23, 2017
Hide Error Output
The exception will pick it up
Oct 23, 2017


Hide Error Output
The exception will pick it up

@onlineth onlineth released this May 8, 2017

  • Installer now includes the needed dependencies for the python application
  • Minor formatting changes to the code

[Edit 5/27/2017]

  • Now using Advanced Installer with uninstall support, fixes #4
  • The installer if for both 32bit and 64bit processors.

Note: When installing new versions or reinstalling, uninstall the old version first.

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@onlineth onlineth released this Apr 25, 2017

  • Updates every minute
  • Changes background only if the Spotlight image changes
  • Uses even less memory
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@onlineth onlineth released this Apr 24, 2017

  • Schedule changed to run every hour
  • Installer now closes the application automatically before updating and overwriting files
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@onlineth onlineth released this Apr 23, 2017

The first release.

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