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This is a collection of widget plugins for

  • Actuator widget plugin
  • Switch widget plugin
  • Slider widget plugin
  • Dynamic highcharts widget plugin

 Widget plugins

Actuator widget plugin

Actuator Widget

This widget plugin is based on the interactive-indicator created by Stufisher.

See it in action @

I modified it  mainly to fit my needs. It merely links the states ON or OFF to web URL.

actuator-2A click on the indicator switches the state ON/OFF of the actuator which is bound to a http request.





For installation of any plugins of the collection, proceed as the same as the installation of the actuator.js widget plugin.

Copy the plugin (actuator.js  from github onlinux/freeboard-actuator-plugin) to your freeboard installation, for example:

$ cp ./actuator.js /freeboard/plugins/

edit the freeboard index.html file and add a link to the plugin near the end of the head.js script loader, like:

  $(function() {
    //DOM Ready