Access your zibase thermostat from your linux desktop or raspberrypi
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zibase-thermostat with Python and pygame

 Zibase Thermostat

 Zibase Thermostat Action screen

 Zibase Thermostat Forcast screen

 Zibase Thermostat Probe screen

Installation libraries:

git clone cd zibase-thermostat

Install python-pip if not installed yet: sudo apt-get install python-pip

Install pywapi from source Download the latest pywapi library from:

Untar the source distribution and run:

$ tar xvfz pywapi-0.3.8.tar.gz

$ cd pywapi-0.3.8

$ python build

$ sudo python install

$ cd ../zibase-thermostat/

Install pygame

$ sudo apt-get install python-pygame


 Zibase Thermostat variables

Set [global] thermostat variables as specified within zibase interface

Modify config.ini

Referring to the screenshot, config.ini should look like this

 zibaseid = ZiBASE00xxxx
 tokenid  = 00xxxxxx
 tempvariable= 28
 setpointdayvariable= 29
 setpointnightvariable= 30
 modevariable= 31
 statevariable= 13
 thermostatscenario= 32

# Start Thermostat Zibase


Alt-PageDown key to roll over the 4 available displays

Click to change Meteo Station when displaying forecasts.

Meteo Stations are defined within

tlocations = (
				{'code': 'FRXX0099' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'FRXX4269' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'FRXX3651' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'BRXX3505' , 'color': DARKGREEN}