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An implementation of angular typewriter for Angular 2.
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An implementation of angular typewriter for Angular 2.

It's been a while from last commitment, thanks for downloading. But I notice there still several bugs those bring bad experience to you, really sorry for that, I'll keep working on it. Please let me know if you encountered any bugs on the bug list page.


Here is a demo in Plunker that you can play online.


First you need to install the npm module:

npm install ng2-typewriter --save


1. Import the TypewriterModule:

Finally, you can use ng2-typewriter in your Angular 2 project. Now you can import the TypewriterModule:

import { TypewriterModule } from "ng2-typewriter";

And then you can put the TypewriterComponent, which is provided by TypewriterModule, to anywhere you wanna create a typewriter:


See Configuration to figure out how to config the typewriter.

2. Use the TypewriterService:

Since the typewriter only can read objects of type TypewriterContent, so the TypewriterService provides a way to translate from String to TypewriterContent, or from an array of String to an array of TypewriterContent.

But first, you need make TypewriterService available to your components:

import { TypewriterService, TypewriterContent } from "ng2-typewriter";

And then add the TypewriterService into your components' providers:



<typewriter [contents]="[]" [erasable]="false" [beforeType]="500" [beforeStart]="0" [afterEnd]="1000" [delay]="0"
[speed]="40" [deletingAcceleration]="5" [deletingTopSpeed]="5" [cursor]="'_'" [cursorDelay]="-1" (afterDone)="yourMethod( $event )">
content: TypewriterContent[]

The typewriter's contents, defaults to [].

erasable: boolean

Whether the typewriter is erasable ot not.

Default to false.

If it's true, delete previous item of contents before typing next one out.

beforeType: number

How long will be delayed before the typewriter starts.

Defaults to 500 ms.

beforeStart: number

How long will be delayed before every item of contents being typed out.

Defaults to 0 ms.

afterEnd: number

How long will be delayed after every item of contents is typed out.

Defaults to 1000 ms.

delay: number

How long the typewriter will be stopped in mid-sentence (default punctuations are "," and ";").

Defaults to 0 ms.

speed: number

Typing speed.

Defaults to 100 - Math.random() * 80 ms.

deletingAcceleration: number

The deleting acceleration.

Defaults to this.speed / 8.

deletingTopSpeed: number

The deleting top speed. Only works when this.speed greater than 0.

Defaults to this.speed / 4.

cursor: string

What should be acted as the cursor.

Defaults to _.

cursorDelay: number

How long the cursor will be disappeared after all the contents are typed out.

If it <= 0, the cursor won't be disappeared.

Defaults to -1.

afterDone: EventEmitter<boolean>

Only used to return the typewriter's end flag when this.cursorDelay > 0.



content: string

The content of this TypewriterContent.

If the typewriter is configured as unerasable, then every item in this array will be typed out as an individual line.

specialWords: string[]
specialClasses: string[]

Every word in this array will be surrounded by a span tag char by char, and the corresponding special class will be used.


content = "One world, one dream.";
specialWords = ["world", "dream"];
specialClasses = ["green-world", "red-dream"];


    One <span class="green-world">w</span>
    <span class="green-world">o</span>
    <span class="green-world">r</span>
    <span class="green-world">l</span>
    <span class="green-world">d</span>, one<span class="red-dream">d</span>
    <span class="red-dream">r</span>
    <span class="red-dream">e</span>
    <span class="red-dream">a</span>
    <span class="red-dream">m</span>.
and if the special-class-2 is omitted, the first class of specialClasses will be used as default;

and if all the special classes are omitted, which means specialClasses = [],

then the default class named "special-typewriter" will be used as default.

Of course, users can freely override this class with their own class if the don't like it.
iterable: boolean

If one of the special words shows up more than once within the content, true to make all of them specialized, false to just decorate the first one.

setSpecialWord(specialWord: string): void

Push the specialWord into this.specialWords only if it's not included.

setSpecialClass(specialClass: string): void

Push the specialClass into this.specialClasses only if it's not included.


public format( contents: string[] ): TypewriterContent[]

Translate from an array of strings to an array of TypewriterContents.


All classes below can be overridden by you. For example, using /deep/.


Marked on a span element to wrap the actual content of the typewriter.


Marked on a span element to wrap the cursor.


Marked on a span element to wrap the special word char by char.

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