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Not a bug , just a suggestion.

The articles saved in 'Pocket' formerly ReadItLater contain images , they also show when I read then online in my queue page , but are missing in the Kindle files I generate through Calibre.

I have looked through the Calibre documentation but could only find references to cover images nothing about article images.

Are images specifically removed in your recipe ?
Could they be included ?
Perhaps another option in the config ?

Mark Waters

onlyhavecans was assigned Apr 18, 2012


onlyhavecans commented Apr 18, 2012

I haven't had time to dig through how this can be changed to accommodate pocket and the new interface but it's on the top of my list of for this plugin. I plan to rename and rebrand all this to match their rebranding.

The way the system currently works is it scrapes the OLD RIL interface, pulling up the article view for each item in RIL and searching for the block of article text by it's html tags.

I have two avenues I need to look down.

  • I will look into pulling from the new version of their API and see if that works better
  • Attempt scraping the article view from the new pocket interface

onlyhavecans commented Apr 19, 2012

As an update I can totally get the pictures with the API now. However I have two hangups;

  1. If there is a problem with the render checking for it is a PAIN in and I have to make a second API call for the "more" version
  2. The list retrieval call ONLY presents the articles from newest to oldest. This means I have to pull the WHOLE unread list, flip it, and grab the last X off of it. Pocket EXPLICITLY asks users not to do that and insists we use "new articles since last pull" and their pagination, which just won't work in this context.

I have an email in with their support and am trying to imagine up workarounds right now.


onlyhavecans commented Nov 29, 2012

This SHOULD be in the new version. I'm still finishing up some problems


onlyhavecans commented May 8, 2013

It didn't make it into v3 but should be in v4


onlyhavecans commented May 26, 2013

I have this working. I will push a version soon

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