Chunk theme for Pelican is an 'as close as possible' port of Chunk-wpcom
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Chunk for Pelican

This is a "faithful as possible" translation of Chunk-wpcom v1.0 for Pelican 3. My goal is to make it near indistinguishable from the original.

For enhancements, bug tracking, and requests please check my github repo

Settings used by this theme (All Optional)

  • DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT = ('%b %d %Y') : suggested date format
  • SITESUBTITLE = 'String'
  • FOOTER_TEXT = 'Replace pelican credit'
  • LINKS = (('Site', ''), ('Site 2', ''))
  • SINGLE_AUTHOR = True/False
  • MINT = True/False
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS = 'Put your google code here'



Modified and released under the GNU General Public License, full details in LICENSE.txt file.