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compile and runing

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For compile EPmail server: make in your shell.


cd ebin


First of all after server running you must create user (of course if you not users yet):

maildir:add_user("localhost", "admin", "123").

All users will be stored in dets database which set in src directory.

After that you running server and configurate your users and mail storage, you can try to test it for example with telnet client:

[shk@myhost ~]$ telnet localhost 110


Connected to localhost.

Escape character is '^]'.

+OK POP3 server ready

use shk


user shk


pass qwerty


list 1

+OK 1 3507





+OK pop3 server sign of

Or you can try to connect by normal pop3 mail client, thunderbird for exameple.

Also you can connect to EPmail smtp server. You can connect to it by 25 port.

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