A bundle of small classes which enriches your possibilities with UIKit and CoreAnimation.
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Create CATransform3D with quadrilaterals, useful math functions, calculate angle between views ++

Consists of

  • Additions for CGGeometry for common CGRect, CGSize and CGPoint calculations
  • AGQuad which helps you create CATransform3D from convex quadrilaterals (basically you can turn any rectangle into any convex four-cornered shape)
  • Some useful math functions

More about quadrilaterals: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrilateral

Keywords: Convex quadrilateral, simple quadrilateral, tangential, kite, rhombus, square, trapezium, trapezoid, parallelogram, bicentric, cyclic

What can you do with it?

I'm most curious myself about this part. You can use the quadrilateral on any view, even webviews with just as good performance as you would have not using it. Send me mail or twitter me anytime if you want to discuss possibilities and things you try to acheive. :)

Bartosz Ciechanowski created a genie effect around desember 2012 which derives from a fraction of the code found here.

Example video animation with AGQuad


Example code property 'quadrilateral' on CALayer

You can access quadrilateral as a property just like you would do with frame, center or bounds.

AGQuad quad = self.imageView.layer.quadrilateral;
NSLog(@"Quad: %@", NSStringFromAGQuad(quad));

quad.br.x += 20; // bottom right x
quad.br.y += 50; // bottom right y

self.imageView.layer.quadrilateral = quad;

It acts very similar to how frame relates to center, transform and bounds. In other words always reflects current presented state. With no transform as identity the quadrilateral returned will be the quadrilateral for bounds.

Example code animation with AGQuad

- (IBAction)animateToOtherShape:(id)sender
    AGQuad quad = AGQuadMakeWithCGRect(self.imageView.bounds);
    quad.tl.x -= 40; // top left x
    quad.tr.y -= 125; // top right y
    quad.br.y += 65; // bottom right y
    quad.bl.x += 40; // bottom left x
    [self animateToQuad:quad];

- (void)animateToQuad:(AGQuad)quad
    double (^interpolationFunction)(double) = ^(double p) {
        return (double) ElasticEaseOut(p); 
    [self.imageView.layer animateFromPresentedStateToQuadrilateral:quad
                                                 forNumberOfFrames:2.0 * 60

Standard CoreAnimation-animation using CATransform3D with custom interpolation between quad points.

Cocoa pods

It is added to the Cocoa Pods public repository as AGGeometryKit.

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