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JSDoc configuration file for pulse game engine. Must be run from the build directory.
// source files to use
_: ['../src'],
// exclude several files
E: ["/main\.js|soundmanager2\.js|box2d\.js"],
// document all functions, even uncommented ones
a: true,
// including those marked @private
r: true,
// some extra variables I want to include
D: {
generatedBy: "Modulus",
copyright: "Modulus 2012",
github: ""
// use this directory as the output directory
d: "../docs",
// output to ejs directory for ejs template output
//d: "../docs-ejs",
// use this template
t: "jsdoc/templates/jsdoc",
// generate ejs template output
//t: "jsdoc/templates/pulse",
// do not include source view
s: true
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