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fluentd to graylog2 (gelf) forwarder

This will setup a multi container environment containing graylog2 and a fluentd GELF forwarder. It uses the official graylog2 and fluentd containers as base images. The distributed fluentd gelf plugin (plugins/out_gelf.rb) was developed by @emsearcy: https://github.com/emsearcy/fluent-plugin-gelf. It must be present to build the fluentd image successfully.

Using with docker-compose (recommended)

First, this will pull and execute graylog2 all-in-one container env. Then it will build and run a fluentd UPD forwarder to the graylog2 container

docker-compose up -d

Data persistence

By default running graylog with docker-compose up -d will persist data relatively in ./graylog2/data as configured in the docker-compose.yml file. You can simply modify that by placing a docker-compose.override.yml file with your specific configuration in the same directory.

    GRAYLOG_NODE_ID: dev.local
    - {yourAbsoluteOrRelativPath}:/var/opt/greylog/data
    - {yourAbsoluteOrRelativPath}:/var/log/graylog

Make sure that you use docker-compose version 1.5.0 for overriding the docker-compose.yml configuration.

Manual setup steps

Setup graylog2 container

Run graylog2 all-in-one container env.

docker pull graylog2/allinone

docker run -t -p 9000:9000 -p 12201:12201 --name graylog2 -e GRAYLOG_NODE_ID=graylog2 graylog2/allinone

Now, you should be able to login to the graylog2 web interface http://host:9000/ (admin:admin)

Data persistence

To persist graylog2 data outside of your container you need to mount the data volumne.

docker run -t -p 9000:9000 -p 12201:12201 --name graylog2 -e GRAYLOG_NODE_ID=graylog2 -v {yourAbsolutePath}:/var/opt/graylog/data -v {yourAbsolutePath}:/var/log/graylog graylog2/allinone

Setup fluentd to graylog container

Build and link it to graylog2

docker build -t fluent-gelf .

docker run -p 24224:24224 --link graylog2:graylog2 -it --name fluent-gelf fluent-gelf

How to use

Now you're able to push any fluentd logs to HOST:24224. The fluentd messages will be forwarded to graylog2 as long as a tag in format gelf.app.XYZ is specified in the fluentd messages. Make sure, that you define a GELF UPD input source listening to port: 12201 (default) withing graylog2: http://host:9000/system/inputs