⛵️ An Xcode Source Editor Extension that makes navigating to many places easier
Objective-C Swift
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Navigate to many places from Xcode


  • Available as Xcode Source Editor Extension
  • Via Editor -> XcodeWay

  • Go To Project Folder
  • Go To Project Derived Data Folder
  • Go To iOS 7 Simulator Folder
  • Go To iOS 8+ Simulator Folder
  • Go To Plugins Folder
  • Go To Templates Folder
  • Go To Archives Folder
  • Go To iOS Device Logs Folder
  • Go To Derived Data Folder
  • Go To Provisioning Profile Folder
  • Go To User Data Folder
    • Go To Themes Folder
    • Go to xcdebugger Folder
  • Go To Current Xcode Folder
  • Go To Selected Xcode Folder
  • Go To iTerm with current project opened
  • Go To Terminal with current project opened
  • Go To Git Repositories
  • List top files with most lines
  • List top assets with largest sizes
  • Show FIXME, TODO warnings
  • List dynamic libraries sizes
  • Reload Xcode bundles
  • Show Xcode DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID


Add your own Navigator by conforming to Navigator

@objc protocol Navigator: NSObjectProtocol {
  func navigate()
  var title: String { get }



  • Stop com.apple.dt.Xcode.AttachToXPCService
  • It only works when a Swift file is selected
  • If the menu is disappeared or disabled, run again


This project is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.md.