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Welcome to the Beiwe Documentation

If you find a mistake, would like wiki editing privileges, or have identified any other potential issue with the documentation you find in this wiki please post an issue on the beiwe-backend issues page with a documentation tag, or you can email biblicabeiwe at gmail dot com.

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Documentation for Researchers

Are you a researcher or study administrator using the Beiwe platform? We merged the old wiki into this one to consolidate documentation in a single place.

Documentation for Software Developers and SysAdmins

Deployment instructions


Push notifications

  • Credential setup for push notifications for your Beiwe Server. These credentials are necessary to use advanced scheduling features. Note that study participants who registered before these credentials are present will need to re-register.

Data download API


  • Android Data Upload: Details on how the Beiwe Android app creates data files and uploads them to the server.

  • Data batching and indexing details: Description of what Beiwe does to raw data files (uploaded from the Android and iOS apps) to sort data by timestamp, reformat columns, etc. This happens before the Data Analysis Pipeline runs.

  • Scalability: Description of Beiwe's server architecture and how that architecture is designed for scalability and downtime tolerance.

  • Android missing data investigation and fixes: Description of what we did in March 2018-May 2018 to investigate the problems of missing data and missing survey notifications on Android phones. Includes explanations of what we believe the root causes were, what we looked at, what we fixed, and what we didn't fix.

  • App Markdown support: Some customizable text in the Android and iOS apps (mainly the text of survey questions) can be formatted using Markdown syntax. This page describes which text boxes support formatting and how to use Markdown within Beiwe.

  • Survey JSON spec: Specification for how the web app saves surveys as JSON files and transmits them to the app.

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