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mine fields, especially in weak mode/vanilla js, this helps a lot

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onnlucky committed Nov 1, 2015
1 parent 54dd48e commit a6b84302c576cd98df27a5da137ca2159f29a7cf
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@@ -5260,6 +5260,11 @@ and mk_signature cx reason_c type_params_map superClass body = Ast.Class.(
let typeparams, type_params_map =
mk_type_param_declarations cx type_params_map typeParameters in
let fields =
if name = "constructor" then
mine_fields cx type_params_map body fields
else fields in
let params_ret = mk_params_ret cx type_params_map
(params, defaults, rest) (body, returnType) in
let reason_desc = (match kind with

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