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SciTools was a Python package containing many useful tools for scientific computing in Python, built on top of other widely used packages such as NumPy, SciPy, ScientificPython, Matplotlib, Gnuplot, VisIt, etc.

However, the library only supported Python 2. With this newer version of scitools, I plan to remove Python 2 support completely and focus on porting useful existing modules of the package to Python 3.

When the time is ready, I will include these versions of the scitools modules in Python package sciren. Maybe, when you are reading this, the time is already long ready (or long gone), then you will find out about sciren on this website:

Update 2018-04-17

I will abandon all work on this project (there hasn't been a lot), because I realize most modules are either not useful anymore, not really useful in general, or functions are better implemented in larger open source projects. Because of this, this is as far as I will go with the scitools project; if I find that certain functions or classes are indeed useful, I will make sure to include them in the sciren package and mark them accordingly :)

It can be installed using the command

pip install scitools3


The original version of this package was developed by these lovely people:

SciTools was initially mainly developed by Hans Petter Langtangen for his book "Python Scripting for Computational Science" (Springer, 1st edition 2003, 3rd edition 2009). The Easyviz package was mainly developed by Johannes H. Ring Johannes H. Ring has been the principal maintainer of SciTools. The package was extended for the book "A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python", bu H. P. Langtangen, 4th edition, Springer, 2014.

Some modules included in SciTools are written by others:

Code contributors include:


SciTools is licensed under the new BSD license, see the LICENSE file. and are licensed under GPL, however, permission is granted by Allen Downey to include these under a BSD license.


Additional scientific computing functionality in Python - extensions to NumPy/SciPy++







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