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Caffe2 implementation of Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX)
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NOTICE: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED! onnx-caffe2 has been merge into Caffe2.


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Caffe2 implementation of Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX).

Repository location may change.


pip install onnx-caffe2


Folder Structure

  • onnx_caffe2/: the main folder that all code lies under
    • translate from caffe2 model to onnx model
    • execution engine that runs onnx on caffe2
  • tests/: test files


onnx-caffe2 uses pytest as test driver. In order to run tests, first you need to install pytest:

pip install pytest-cov

After installing pytest, do


to run tests.

Testing coverage issues/status:


During development it's convenient to install onnx-caffe2 in development mode:

git clone --recursive
pip install -e onnx-caffe2/


MIT License