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Convert ONNX models into Apple Core ML format.

onnx-coreml package is no longer supported and will not be maintained.

PyTorch Models

For converting PyTorch models to CoreML format, the recommended approach is to use new PyTorch to Core ML converter, introduced in the coremltools 4.0 python package. Please read the coremltools documentation on PyTorch conversion for example usage.

ONNX Models

Code for ONNX to Core ML conversion is now available through coremltools python package and coremltools.converters.onnx.convert is the only supported API for conversion. To read more about exporting ONNX models to Core ML format, please visit coremltools documentation on ONNX conversion.

Note: ONNX converter is not under any active feature development. For access to bug fixes, community support and requests, please use coremltools github repository.


To install coremltools package, please follow these instructions in the coremltools documentation.


Copyright © 2018 by Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., and Prisma Labs Inc.

Use of this source code is governed by the MIT License that can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.