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@kevinch-nv kevinch-nv released this Sep 28, 2019

ONNX v1.6 is now available! We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this release! You may learn more about the project, who is involved and what tools are available at the site.


Major changes and updates since the v1.5.0 release:

Graph representation

  • Sequence and map types are now available in ONNX (previously only available in ONNX-ML). (#2249)
  • Sparse tensor support has been added. It should significantly reduce the storage size for models with many zero weights. See here for example usage. (#2019)
  • ONNX IR version updated to version 6 to reflect support for new types.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix resize shape inference issue in opset10 (#2294)
  • Fix extra collect_snippets warning (#2307)
  • Fix link to community docs in readme (#2261)
  • Fix segfault in tile shape inference (#2221)
  • Fix errors in RoiAlign shape inference code (#2167)
  • Fix globalpool output shape (#2147)
  • Fix inconsistency in describing graph's initializer (#2115)
  • Fix NN defs file (#2083)
  • Fix torchvision installation (#2054)
  • Fix torchvision installation (#2054)
  • Fix bug that kernel_shape rather than effective_kernel_shape is used in dilated conv (#2043)
  • Fix auto_pad shape inference bug (#2028)
  • fix macro ONNX_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN bug (#2017)
  • Fix shape inference logic for TopK operator (#2005)
  • Fix a shapeinference bug in upsample v9/10 (#1969)


You can simply pip upgrade using the following command or build from source following the instructions on Github.

pip install onnx --upgrade

Commits and Pull Requests Since v1.5.0

Fix spec and shape inference for Unsqueeze op (#2347)
Bump NMS version for avoiding regression in existing models (#2348)
Relax IF's shape inference rule (#2345)
Clarify behavior in ConvTranspose (#2343)
Fix node test case model for Gemm scalar bias case (#2342)
Update pybind (#2340)
Update gen_doc script to validate proto3 files (#2122)
Fix some backend tests (#2335)
Gemm optional bias (#2330)
Changes for AIX platform (#1913)
Updated test cases for reshape (#2127)
Replace is by == (#2326)
Updated docs for strides and dilations attributes (#2291)
Revamped test cases for Gemm (#2060)
Add more shape inference tests for Logical operators to improve coverage (#2133)
Change incorrect use of ValueError to TypeError (#2304)
Support dynamic 'pads' and 'value' in Pad operator (#2031)
Update IR doc to clarify initializers are permitted as node inputs (#2320)
Avoid uses of special chars (#2315)
Regenerate ONNX proto and add release date to ver 6 IR (#2316)
Add description of default type about y_zero_point (#2110)
Support make_attribute empty string (#2129)
More unsqueeze tests (#2200)
Fix resize shape inference issue in opset10 (#2294)
Sequence related ops (#2249)
Add helper function update_inputs_outputs_dims to tools (#2148)
Update documentation about required input output types (#2310)
Shape inference for NMS (#2269)
Fix extra collect_snippets warning (#2277) (#2307)
Fix shapeinference function (#2296)
fix the buffer overflow problem in shape inference logic of Squeeze op
Support for negative indices in 'Gather'
Fix collect_snippets warnings (#2277)
Update printable_graph in to output details of initializers that do not have matching graph inputs. (#2135)
test int64 input type for 'where' op (#2253)
Supporting negative axes for all existing onnx ops (#2281)
Update (#1981)
Fix link to community docs in readme (#2261)
move map and sequence types to onnx domain
Improve compatiblity with proto3 and enable reading attributes (#2288)
Remove type info for loop variadic input in Loop op used to compose the Range op (#2287)
Add Foundation WG to (#2276)
Fix testdata model for CumSum. Add exclusive attribute. (#2271)
Support GatherND operator in ONNX (#2106)
Support ScatterND operator in ONNX (#2220)
Add Det to ONNX (#2233)
Update the description of nearest_mode of resize op (#2257)
Adding sparse tensor to ONNX (#2019)
Support Range operator in ONNX (#2242)
Update resize op (#2057)
Add function to fuse dynamic quantization graph into 1 node (#2187)
Update (#2231)
Update Clip in opset 11 to support min/max as inputs instead of attributes (#2096)
Fix segfault in tile shape inference (#2221)
update onehot shape inference to reflect the spec for depth input (#2224)
Add GatherElements Op and Rename ScatterElements (#2143)
Unique (#2141)
Clarify dimension variable scoping (#2211)
Liqun/topk sort (#2126)
Update document for NMS (#2193)
Handle negative 'axis' value in Split type and shape inferencing (#2177)
depth to space shuffle order (#2163)
minor updates to fix links in readme (#2189)
Add check to disallow squeezing input axes which are not 1 (#2204)
Clarify ambiguity in gather spec regarding indices expectation (#2202)
Fix some minor issues in and (#2108)
Skip install typing package for python >=3.5 (#2199)
Member Company logo guidelines (#2196)
remove link to outdated issue for contributions wanted (#2186)
Create (#2103)
mintor format update (#2180)
add more types support for Equal op (#2176)
Update AddNewOP document. (#2172)
Add missing space (#2150)
python api example typo fix (#2155)
Fix errors in RoiAlign shape inference code (#2167)
TensorProto::INT8 & INT16 were missed here (#2164)
Fix LabelEncoder's shape inference (#2170)
Fixing a unit test in Cumsum Operator (#2157)
[New Operator] CumSum (#2030)
Fix globalpool output shape (#2147)
Expose ONNX_ML build option to python (#2138)
Missing newline fix (#2128)
Avoid unnecessary copies of names by checker (#2098)
update qlinear conv test (#2120)
Add shape inference for LinearClassifier (#2077)
Fix inconsistency in describing graph's initializer. The initializer (#2115)
Update codeowners to have community folder changes assigned to steering committee (#2104)
Fix Resize/Upsample Shape inference function (#2085)
Clarify shape inference requirements for new operators (#2088)
Fix NN defs file (#2083)
Fix type s/depracted/deprecated/ (#2092)
Add shape inference for Tile op (#2076)
[New Operator] Round (#2053)
Add dilations support in ConvTranspose shape inference and update docs (#2068)
Fix typo (#2069)
Add a missing step when upgrading an operator (#2071)
Clarify the axis/size in pads
Fix wrong condition and add --user in (#2050)
Add bit-shift operators for supporting hashing (#1931)
Add shape inference logic for Expand op (#2041)
update qops tests (#2040)
Fix torchvision installation (#2054)
Fix bug that kernel_shape rather than effective_kernel_shape is used in dilated conv (#2043)
Changes done internally at Facebook (#2035)
Explicitly specify type of integers in the input tensor. (#2034)
Version Conversion of Min
Fix auto_pad shape inference bug (#2028)
Version Conversion from opset 8 to 9 (#2007)
fix macro ONNX_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN bug (#2017)
fix array range bug (#2015)
Relax constraint on subgraph input/output type and shape (#2009)
Fix shape inference logic for TopK operator (#2005)
Nullary variadic (#1889)
Removed setting MD/MDd flags manually through cmake. The MTd/MT part is still necessary. Looks like CI fails without it. (#1995)
Move NonMaxSupression to object_detection folder (#2001)
Prevent using invalid iterator
Add shape inference for legacy auto_pad modes (#1988)
Move Quantization working group to completed state (#1980)
Define the IR acronym (#1985)
fix shape inference (#1984)
fixing some of Mod test cases (#1962)
Lint the docs name (#1982)
Fix a shapeinference bug in upsample v9/10 (#1969)
Create managingexperimentalops (#1974)
Create archivefileformat doc based on the wiki equivalent (#1973)
Create NLPinONNXproposal (#1975)
Create ONNXIFIproposal (#1976)
Create onnxreleases (#1977)
Create functionsproposal (#1978)
Create (#1979)

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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Apr 24, 2019 · 2 commits to rel-1.5.0 since this release

ONNX v1.5 is now available! You may learn more about the project, who is involved and what tools are available at the site. We would like to thank every community member for contributing to the project!


The major changes/updates since v1.4 release:

  • Opset 10 adds operators to support object detection models such as Yolo v3, Faster RCNN, and SSD. Sample models will be added to the ONNX Model Zoo in upcoming weeks
  • ONNX file format is updated to version 5
  • Quantization support (with first set of operators)
  • ONNX Function is promoted to an official feature to support composing operators, allowing for support of more operators from other frameworks while limiting the introduction of new operators in the ONNX spec
  • Updates to existing ops, including shape inference fixes
  • All experimental ops are removed, and the concept of experimental ops has been deprecated
  • Python 3.7 wheels are now shipped

How do I get the latest ONNX?

You can simply pip upgrade using the following command or of course build from source from the latest on Github:
pip install onnx --upgrade

Commits since the v1.4 release:

  • Fix shape inference for slice (#1950)
  • Fix shape inference for ConstantOfShape op (#1951)
  • Add NonMaxSuppression operator (#1703)
  • add node tests for quantized ops (#1944)
  • Fix test stat coverage script (#1948)
  • Add IsInf to detect infinity values (#1884)
  • Fix shape inference for matmul (#1941)
  • Shape Inference Tests for QOps (#1929)
  • Prevent unused variables from generating warnings across all platforms.  (#1930)
  • add title (#1919)
  • add quantization ops in onnx (#1908)
  • Create working* (#1916)
  • use ONNX_NAMESPACE::to_string instead of std::to_string (#1915)
  • Remove all the experimental ops (#1909)
  • opset converter backward compatibility support for opset versions 9 and 8 (#1847)
  • Create CODEOWNERS for automatic reviewer assignment for PRs (#1910)
  • Revert "quantization support in onnx (#1872)" (#1911)
  • quantization support in onnx (#1872)
  • Update LICENSE formatting and clarify # of WG chairs (#1907)
  • update the squeeze and unsqueeze doc (#1905)
  • fix the ir_version onnx*operators.proto (#1903)
  • fix testcase names of maxpool_2d_ceil and averagepool_2d_ceil (#1896)
  • Fix wrongly handled attribute in MVN and test generating scripts (#1877)
  • Add dilation attribute to MaxPool (#1864)
  • update copyright for open governance (#1885)
  • open governance (#1881)
  • Revert "Adding Reverse op (#1804)" (#1882)
  • Adding Reverse op (#1804)
  • update both core and ml docs (#1879)
  • fix the problems introduced in previous PRs in operator registration (#1878)
  • Skip the schema check on ops in non*standard domain (#1876)
  • Introduce Function Body Helper  (#1868)
  • Support down sampling for Upsample with scales < 1. (#1773)
  • Remove scaledtanh (#1866)
  • Add Ceil support for Max and Average Pooling (#1860)
  • Add testcase generator for functions (#1862)
  • Promote Thresholded Relu Op (#1856)
  • Update Slice with dynamic input & optional input steps (#1836)
  • Merge function into opschema (#1834)
  • Handle string comparision represented as np.objects (#1851)
  • remove global variable in header file (#1850)
  • fix the issue that the version was not bumped when changing its type constraint declaration. (#1848)
  • Change TopK operator to allow dynamic 'k' (#1829)
  • Remove exp op: Affine, ImageScaler,ParametricSoftplus, Crop. (#1832)
  • Fix shape inference when auto_pad is notset again (#1830)
  • More extendable Runner (#1809)
  • Infer shape of the second output of Dropout op (#1822)
  • Clarify dtype of Dropout's mask output (#1826)
  • Fix shape inference when auto_pad  is notset (#1824)
  • update test datat (#1825)
  • Add stringnormalizer operator to ONNX (#1745)
  • Support defined ONNX_ML in parent cmake files (#1821)
  • Delete which is a duplicate of (#1818)
  • [ONNXIFI]Add extension to be implementable (#1796)
  • Revert "Implement Op Annotation's for ONNX (#1648)" (#1812)
  • Enable ONNX_ML by default (#1810)
  • fix Greater and Less doc (#1811)
  • Implement Op Annotation's for ONNX (#1648)
  • Versioning doc update for Opset 9 (#1805)
  • add dilation case for ConvTranspose op (#1797)
  • allow removed experimental ops in the checker for now (#1792)
  • [ONNXIFI]Add extension of onnxSetIOAndRunGraph (#1781)
  • Bump docker image version from 230 to 238 (#1786)
  • Fix: is using wrong cmake build type (#1784)
  • Fix Cast testcase data (#1776)
  • Add ppc64le build (#1768)
  • Update (#1769)
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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Jan 23, 2019 · 3 commits to rel-1.4.1 since this release

This is a patch release on v1.4.0, fixing line ending issue on Linux environment.

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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Jan 23, 2019

We are excited to announce the v1.4 release of ONNX is now available! For those who aren't aware of or know about the ONNX, you can learn more about the project, who is involved and what tools are available at the site.


  • The ONNX project now has more than 27 companies on board and 31 runtimes, converters, frameworks and other tools officially supporting ONNX.
  • This release added several big features including support for large models (larger than 2GB) and store the data externally, enhanced support for control flow operators, added a test driver for ONNXIFI enabling C++ tests.
  • IR version is bumped from 3 to 4 and the opset version from 8 to 9.
  • All told this release included 270+ commits since the last release

How do I get the latest ONNX?

You can simply pip upgrade using the following command or of course build from source from the latest on Github(our source of the truth):

pip install onnx --upgrade

Quick update on what's happened since our last release:

December 4, 2018 - ONNX Runtime for inferencing machine learning models open sourced by Microsoft
ONNX Runtime, a high-performance inference engine for machine learning models in the ONNX format, is now open source. ONNX Runtime is the first publicly available inference engine that fully implements the ONNX specification, including the ONNX-ML profile. Python, C#, and C APIs are available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. ONNX Runtime can deliver an average performance gain of 2X for inferencing. Partners in the ONNX community including Intel and NVIDIA are actively integrating their technology with ONNX Runtime to enable more acceleration. READ MORE

November 29, 2018 - ONNX.js for running ONNX models on browsers and Node.js
ONNX.js, an open source Javascript library for running ONNX models on browsers and on Node.js, is now available. It allows web developers to score pre-trained ONNX models directly on browsers, and has adopted WebAssembly and WebGL technologies for providing an optimized ONNX model inference runtime for both CPUs and GPUs. ONNX.js is the first solution to utilize multi-threading in a Javascript-based AI inference engine (via Web Workers), offering significant performance improvements over existing solutions on CPU. READ MORE

October 24, 2018 - CEVA Adds ONNX Support to CDNN Neural Network Compiler
CEVA, Inc., the leading licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for smarter, connected devices, today announced that the latest release of its award-winning CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN) compiler supports the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format. READ MORE

October 16, 2018 - ONNX Runtime for inferencing machine learning models now in preview
We are excited to release the preview of ONNX Runtime, a high-performance inference engine for machine learning models in the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format. ONNX Runtime is compatible with ONNX version 1.2 and comes in Python packages that support both CPU and GPU to enable inferencing using Azure Machine Learning service and on any Linux machine running Ubuntu 16. READ MORE

September 6, 2018 - Synopsys Announces Support for the Open Neural Network Exchange Format in ARC MetaWare EV Development Toolkit
Synopsys, Inc. today announced support for the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format in the upcoming release of its DesignWare® ARC® MetaWare EV Development Toolkit, a complete set of tools, runtime software and libraries to develop vision and artificial intelligence (AI) applications for ARC EV6x Embedded Vision Processor IP. READ MORE

Commits since the v1.3 release (by area):

New Operator and Operator Updates:
Adding generator op ConstantLike (#1406)
Supporting int32 and int64 in Less and Greater (#1390)
fix AvgPool doc. add default value for count_include_pad (#1391)
Add DynamicSlice experimental op (#1377)
fix the doc for softmax (#1374)
Fix the shape inference for concat (#1361)
Add several hyperbolic function ops. (#1499)
Add OneHot op to ONNX. (#1567)
Fix MaxUnpool shape inference when output_shape is provided as input (#…
Add type shape inferencing for the If operator (#1571)
fix ConvTranspose spec (#1566)
Change upsample operator to allow dynamic 'scales' (#1467)
Fix output type bug in MaxUnpool definition. (#1553)
Add Compress Op (#1454)
Add MaxUnpool op to ONNX. (#1494)
support more types for Gemm, Flatten and PRelu (#1472)
deprecate no-spatial mode of BN (#1637)
Add Where op. (#1569)
Fix output_shape of a testcase for ConvTranspose (#1437)
Adding EyeLike generator op. (#1428)
Clarify the spec for convolution transpose input shape (#1413)
Separate types of inputs 1 and 2 in OneHot op. (#1610)
make output shape clear enough for Softmax family (#1634)
fix batchnorm doc (#1633)
Add Scatter op to ONNX (#1517)
Add Erf operator for computing error function (#1675)
Add IsNaN operator. (#1656)
Add Sign Op (#1658)
Update scan (#1653)
add isnan data (#1685)
Clarify some aspects of the Loop spec. (#1587)
repaire convtranspose shape inference (#1660)
Remove ConstantLike op. Updates to ConstantOfShape op. (#1716)
add constantofshape (#1582)
Add Shrink operator (#1622)
Scan test update (#1732)
Scan output axes (#1737)
Add NonZero op. (#1714)fix the test cases for constantofshape (#1746)
Add sample implementation support (#1712)
Update definition of Cast Op to support casting to/from string (#1704)
Update ConstantOfShape op (#1744)
Add TfIdfVectorizer operator to ONNX (#1721)

ONNXIFI cpp test driver (#1290)
Remove ONNXIFI_CHECK_RESULT from onnxRelease* functions (#1397)
Change onnxifi test driver classname (#1396)
Silence usused result warning in ONNXIFI wrapper cleanup. Fix #1344 (#…
[ONNXIFI]Fix gtest assert (#1482)
[ONNXIFI]Reliable memory of shape in test driver (#1480)
onnxifi test driver bugs fixed (#1462)
[ONNXIFI]gtest:expect to assert (#1456)
[ONNXIFI]Fix the crash when weightCount = 0 (#1451)
[ONNXIFI]Make TEST_P be able to show the test case name directly (#1487)
[onnxifi] Make sure that backend handles run async. (#1599)
Fix onnxifi test (#1617)

bump up the node test to opset 9 (#1431)
remove unindexed ConstantLike test case (#1432)
Add node name for error & Fix typo (#1426)
Fix the typo in the doc (#1427)
Adding checker/typeshape inference logic for Function (#1423)
[cmake] Allow adding extra source files to the onnx lib (#1439)
Add the ability to deprecate an OpSchema (#1317)
[Anderspapitto patch] fix the shape inference for broadcasting (#1368)
external_data: Store large tensor values in separate files (#678)
Add opaque type support (#1408)
Fix checker logic (#1459)
Add version table to to provide a clear mapping (#1418)
serialized model data in test driver, ir version is now corrected (#1455
refresh onnx-ml.proto (#1448)
Fix ONNX_NAMESPACE definition (#1444)
Add BFLOAT16 data type (FLOAT32 truncated to 16 bits) (#1421)
Use strings directly for casing as np.object w/o redundant StringHold
Remove default value for 'dtype' attribute in ConstantLike op. (#1461)
Fix TensorProto int32_data comment (#1509)
fix ninja external (#1507)
Shut up warnings about markers. (#1505)
add the script (#1501)
Minor cleanup in circleci build scripts (#1498)
fix onnx checker to support proto3 models. (#1495)
Add config files for CircleCI (#1490)
Change function ownership to ONNX (#1493)
maintain the integration of gtest arguments (#1491)
Skip some warning for clang-cl (#1484)
Make ONNX compatible with gcc-8 (#1488)
Build with old version protobuf on Windows (#1486)
Clean memory when failed test (#1476)
Change Function registry flow; Get rid of whole-archive in compile (#…
fix the bug of loading model input/output proto (#1477)
Operator set versioning - tighten wording regarding breaking changes (#…
add skip in gtest & update gtest version (#1473)
Opaque type ToString() does not wrap the result into the supplied (#1468
Fix compiler warnings on unhandled bfloat16 switch case (#1470)
Move the definition of the singleton DomainToVersionRange to .cc file (
fix some issue with namespace (#1533)
Remove Opaque type parameters as not needed. Adjust DataType handling. (
Use vector instead of set to keep the order of the opt passes (#1524)
Pin awscli to last known good version (#1518)
Update docker image version used in CircleCI (#1511)
Fix the mapping for Complex128 data type (#1422)
add default value to doc (#1410)
Fixup handling of captured values as graph outputs (#1411)
[build] Add ONNX_API for protos in all cases (#1407)
[compiler flag] Issue a warning if class has virtual method but missi…
Add a virtual destructor to GraphInferencer (#1574)
Add Scan type/shape inferencing (#1503)
Add hook to InferenceContext to allow running type/shape inferencing … (
Implemented shape inference for Gather (#1525)
add eliminate nop monotone argmax pass (#1519)
Enable -Wall -Wextra -Werror for CI (#1547)
Introduce SparseTensor ML proto (#1554)
In driver test check the return status of onnxGetBackendIDs (#1597)
Make CI log less verbose (#1595)
Loop type shape inferencing (#1591)
add uint8 (#1590)
Add domain as an optional parameter for make_node function (#1588)
Remove unreachable code in shape_inference.h (#1585)
fix a newline in Scan doc (#1541)
allow variadic parameters of different types (#1615)
Fix a bug in vector address access (#1598)
Handle new types in the switch. (#1608)
Bump docker image version to 230 used in CircleCI (#1606)
type proto does not exactly match the type str, (#1545)
Fix 'line break after binary operator' flake8 warnings. (#1550)
remove inappropriate consts (#1632)
Shape inference fix for broadcast, concat and scan (#1594)
Add a capability to input/output unicode strings (#1734)
Include guidance on adding new operators (#1416)
Clarify namescopes in the presence of nested subgraphs (#1665)
use an empty initializer to create map (#1643)
Remove redundant const (#1639)
Show the op's type and name when the shape inference is failed. (#1623)
link the tutorial (#1650)
Upgrade label encoder to support more input types (#1596)
Add Doc about Adding New Operator into ONNX (#1647)
Fix unused var warning (#1669)
Changes done internally at Facebook (#1668)
Replace np.long by np.int64 (#1664)
Infer shape from data in Constant nodes (#1667)
fix the const map initializatoin (#1662)
Add scan test case (#1586)
Add bfloat16 support. (#1699)
ONNX does not maintain versions for experimental ops (#1696)
Correct type of value_info in Graph (#1694)
Fix typos (#1686)
Use int instead of enum to store data type (#1626)
fix broken link in (#1683)
add a shape inference test for group conv (#1719)
Set symbol visibility to hidden for non-Windows (#1707)
[Minor] Fix Windows line ending in test coverage generating script (#…
Support rtol and atol at the model granularity (#1723)
turn rtol to 0.002 on densenet121, since AMD and Nvidia GPU's precion
typos fixed: iutput -> input (#1726)
print some information (#1724)
Update (#1722)
Handle negative axis in scan shape inference (#1748)
remove stale test cases (#1434)
Show string names of data types instead of int IDs (#1749)
Relax constraint that the initializers must be a subset of graph inputs (#1718)
Fix typo in scan shape inferencing (#1753)

-The ONNX Team

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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Sep 10, 2018

This release is a patch release for v1.2.2 with updated build configurations


  • #1394 - Bump up version
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@bddppq bddppq released this Aug 30, 2018 · 417 commits to master since this release

  • ONNXIFI 1.0
  • Operator Set 8
    • Control Flow Operators graduated from experimental
    • Added new operator Expand
    • Updated operators Max, Min, Mean and Sum to support broadcasting
    • Support output indices in operator MaxPool
    • Varies documentation improvements
  • Introduced Function concept for representing composed operators [experimental]
  • Enhanced shape inference
    • Support shape inference for Reshape operator with constant new shape
  • More ONNX optimization passes
    • Available passes are here
  • More operator backend tests
  • Opset Version Converter
    • Supported operators include: Add, Mul, Gemm, Relu, BatchNorm, Concat, Reshape, Sum, MaxPool, AveragePool, Dropout
    • All models in model zoo are covered, except tiny-yolo-v2 (PRelu needs adapter, WIP)
  • Quantization coming soon
    • We are currently working with the community to collect more feedback and finalize. We expect this to happen quickly and will be released as quickly as possible and out of cycle if needed.
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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Jun 18, 2018

This release is a patch release based on v1.2.1:

Bug fixes:

  • #1040 - Update proto files
  • #1044 - Fix Operator tests (test data fix)
  • #1052 - Fix Proto3 issues
  • #1053 - Type and shape inference code fix
  • #1057 - Op schema code fix
  • #1058 - Remove empty model (test data fix)
  • #1060 - Type and shape inference code fix
  • #1063 - PReLU version fix
  • #1064 - Pytorch generated test case removal (test data fix)
  • #1069 - Remove erroneous documentation around maps and sequences (description only)
  • #1070 - Add more check for type and shape inference code
  • #1090 - Fix local region definition in LRN spec (description only)
  • #1102 - Add float16 support back for math and reduction ops
  • #1103 - Make RNN/LSTM/GRU treatment of recurrent weights consistent
  • #1104 - Remove/replace /MX with /WX for MSVC build (build fix)
  • #1105 - Add ignoring flags (build fix)
  • #1107 - Fix the LRS’s doc (description only)
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@linkerzhang linkerzhang released this May 25, 2018 · 4 commits to rel-1.2.1 since this release

ONNX 1.2.1 release.

The following changes have been made since the 1.1.2 release:

IR Changes

  • Adds function and attribute reference (PR #802).
  • Adds dimension denotation (PR #443) and type denotation (PR #879).

Operator Changes

The operator set version of onnx 1.2 is 7 for ONNX domain and 1 for ONNX_ML domain.

  • Type and shape inference function added for all operators.
  • Adds new operators.
    o Upsample (PR #861) – promoted from experimental, attributes and behavior updated to support arbitrary # of dimensions.
    o Identity (PR #892) – promoted from experimental.
    o Acos, Asin, Atan, Cos, Sin, Tan (PR #869).
    o Multinomial (PR #897)
  • Removes FC (experimental) op (PR #977).
  • Moves to numpy broadcasting semantics (PR #907).
  • Clarifies “optional” semantics for input/output and adjust RNN/GRU/LSTM/BatchNormalization/Dropout accordingly (PR #1006, PR #1014).
  • AveragePool – formulas for output shape updated (PR #751), extended to support average count including padding (PR #884)
  • BatchNormalization – clarify outputs can be n-dim (PR #733)
  • Cast – change to attr from string to int (PR #727)
  • ConstantFill (exp) – change value attr from optional to default value of 0 (PR #808)
  • InstanceNormalization – clarify outputs can be n-dim (PR #733)
  • MaxPool – formulas for output shape updated (PR #751)
  • AveragePool, MaxPool, Conv – update to support dimension denotation (PR #443)
  • Reshape – add output shape as an input (PR #608)
  • Size – change output from int to scalar tensor (PR #759)
  • Tile – replace tiles and axis inputs with repeats to match numpy (PR #757)
  • ZipMap – update type constrains from map to seq (PR #818)
  • Affine – add default values for alpha and beta attributes (PR #820)
  • FeatureVectorizer – update behavior (PR #843)
  • LinearClassifier – coefficient attribute is now required (PR #836)
  • RandomNormalLike, RandomUniformLike – change input type constraints and change behavior to copy shape instead of compute it (PR #846)
  • Selu – change default value of attributes to match other frameworks (PR #839)
  • ArgMax, ArgMin – specify default values for axis attribute (PR #847)
  • DepthToSpace, SpaceToDepth – blocksize attribute is now required (PR #847)
  • GRU, LSTM, RNN – specify default value for activation_* attributes (PR #847)
  • Reduce* – specify default behavior for axes attribute (PR #847)
  • Concat, Gather, Squeeze, Unsqueeze – accept any tensor type (PR #957)
  • Add, Div, Mul, Pow, Sub – enhance 1-element broadcast case (PR #902)
  • Pad – clarify pads attribute (PR #962)
  • LRN – specify default values and clarify behavior (PR #965)
  • ConvTranspose – clarify padding behavior and remove restriction on output_padding attribute (PR #1012)
  • All ops – updated type constraints (PR #666)
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@raymondxyang raymondxyang released this Apr 25, 2018

This release is a patch release based on v1.1.0 (v1.1.1):

Bug fixes:

  • #775 - Align Python and C++ schema API for ONNX-ML
  • #781 - Fix some checker implementation not ideal for ONNX-ML
  • #799 - Update specs for ONNX ML
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@spidyDev spidyDev released this Mar 21, 2018

Change log for the release:

  • Operators fixed and added - cast, reshape, Pool, Shape, Size, concat, Pow, Slice, TopK, structured, reducible control flow( experimental), Unsqueeze
    (PR #497) (PR #436) (PR #496) (PR #529) (PR #513) (PR #525) (PR #390) (PR #532) (PR #587) (PR #569) (PR #552)

  • Test cases added and fixed - global avg, max pool, Slice, cast, pow, Concat, Reshape, TopK, softplus, softsign, softmax, logsoftmax, hardmax transpose, Max, Min, Mean, Sum. +9 math operators, reciprocal, logic operators, Clip, Div, Mul, Pow, Sub; Elu, LeakyRelu, Selu, HardSigmoid, gather, Conv
    (PR #468) (PR #472) (PR #487) (PR #500) (PR #507) (PR #516) (PR #529) (PR #506) (PR #509) (PR #546) (PR #548) (PR #543) (PR #574) (PR #596)

  • Build Issues on various platforms -
    ** Provide option to enforce /MD or /MT when building with MSVC (PR #602)
    ** Fix ONNX library build for Windows
    ** Add to_string for Android (PR #597)
    ** Handle situations where protobuf is built on the fly (PR #592)
    ** fix CMakeLists on Windows (PR #589)
    ** travis tweaks to make sure the correct versions of python are installed (PR #584)
    ** Improve CMakefile of ONNX (PR #563)
    ** Don't include pybind11 if its target is alreadt exported (PR #550)
    ** Call in cmake (PR #538)
    ** Couple cmake fixes (PR #521)
    ** Fix build on mac (PR #514)
    ** setup cmake (PR #469)
    ** Remove onnx-caffe2 reference (PR #558)

  • Naming and Convention changes -
    ** Add ONNX_NAMESPACE around rnn/ (PR #605)
    ** Change the model file extension from .pb to .onnx (PR #541)
    ** Make onnx namespace configurable (PR #484)

  • Bug Fixes -
    ** Fix get_attribute_value can not get g field bug (PR #599)
    ** Fix treatment of optional inputs.

  • Test Framework Changes -
    ** Add outputs_info into run_node backend interface (PR #588)

  • IR Changes -
    ** Add option to use customized protoc (PR #594)
    ** preserve value infos if they are needed (PR #561)
    ** Check whether perm exists before using it (PR #559)
    ** Adding int32, int64 and double input data types for featurevectorizer (PR #547)
    ** Sort the attributes of NodeProto generated by make_node (PR #479)

  • Other Changes -
    ** Change the cached model checking logic (PR #545)
    ** Fix the way we find protobuf library (PR #539)
    ** Modulize ONNX libraries (PR #528)
    ** Printable Graph support for nested graphs + sugar (PR #483)
    ** Lexical scoping in checker (PR #485)
    ** osx travis support (PR #566)

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