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Steering Committee Meeting 2/27/2020


Name (Affiliation) Present?
Prasanth Pulavarthi (Microsoft) Yes
Joe Spisak (Facebook) No
Vin Sharma (Amazon) Yes
Harry Kim (Intel) Yes
Dilip Sequeira (Nvidia) Yes

Others: Tom Truong (IBM), Chin Huang (IBM), Svetlana Levitan (IBM), Winnie Tsang (IBM), Jim Spohrer (IBM),


  • Community workshop
    Tom gave the update. Several options were considered due to coronavirus concerns, including delaying the meeting until summer or having a virtual only meeting. Given the upcoming election (May) and the valuable face to face interactions, POR is to hold is in IBM facility in San Jose on April 16. Attendence will be limited to <100 people and IBM's health safety rules will be in place. There will also be dial-in so people who cannot travel can still participate.

  • ONNX 1.7 release
    Chin gave the update. New date for release is 3/9 so some critical PRs can get in. Two issues:

  1. Windows conda package not published for more than a year. Need to investigate why. Alternatively consider deprecating all conda packages since pip seems to be more popular. Chin to investigate conda usage and get back with recommendation
  2. Wheel-builder (for pip package) CI builds on Windows recently broken. Seems to be related to Appveyor, the CI system currently being used for Windows. Chin to follow up sig Arch/Infra SIG on how to fix to unblock release. Also, Microsoft has donated funds for ONNX to pay for Appveyor so far but can't going forward. Appveyor subscription ends on April 20, 2020. Need to move to Azure Pipeline (free for OSS) before then. Arch/Infra SIG needs to put together roadmap.
  • Community items
    Ran out of time. Please suggest for next time if any.
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