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Chat message aggregator for twitch, youtube, goodgame, peka2tv
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Cross-platform chat message aggregator for twitch, youtube, goodgame, peka2tv


  • Emoteicons (including BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ)
  • Message highlight, nickname color, user badges
  • Viewers counter
  • Available 3 skins for now
  • Click through the window mode(windows only), window on top mode, borderless window mode
  • Ability to hide a message after configurable amount of time
  • Ability to display images by link
  • Custom emoticons
  • Customization
    • Turn on/off badges, nickname color, status messages
    • Zoom
    • Background color
    • Template for deleted message
    • Window transparency
  • Ignore list, moderation
  • Ability to clear chat and to temporarily show hidden messages
  • Could be captured by OBS Browser, CLR Browser or the same plugins
  • Separate configuration for the failchat window and for the OBS Browser(or the same plugins)
  • Skin customization via html/css/js


Java 8 (recommended u191 and newer)


Imgur album

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