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The purpose of this gem is to simply provide country translations. The gem is intended to be easy to combine with other gems that require i18n country translations so we can have common i18n country translation gem.

If you're doing anything with country names and translations, there's no need to reinvent the wheel and add your own translations. Just use this gem's country translations and skip the hassle of having to add and manage each country translation for each locale.

Supported Locales

There are translations for almost all locales. The list of available locales is too big to be useful. If you're wondering if a specific locale is here, more than likely it is.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'i18n-country-translations'


I18n.t(:US, :scope => :countries)


t(:US, :scope => :countries)


Most locale translations already exist but if you find an error or we're missing something, please submit a pull request.

Most of the locales were generated using this rake task which you might find useful somehow:

IMPORT_LOCALE=en rake import:country_translation

It will generate a new yml file that contains the country translations for the locale specified. Please note that some of the country translations may still be missing.

You can also use these standard translations to help if you don't want to use the script above:



You may also be intersted in the i18n_country_select gem which basically gives you a helper to make use of these translations in a coutry select dropdown.

If you need to use timezones, we also created a convenient way to translate the default Rails timezones with the gem i18n-timezones

Version History

0.0.9 - Update the locale files with the last values from the CLDR repository



Special thanks

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