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@@ -8,14 +8,17 @@ applications. This project came out of the fact that porting NLog to Windows Sto
incredibly rich feature set, most of which is not workable in Windows Store apps.
Out-of-the-box, logging operations are intended to send all log levels to `Debug.WriteLine` and [EventTracingForWindows]( (ETW).
-and ERROR and FATAL levels to a file in the app's `LocalState` folder using `[FileSnapshotTarget]`(
+and ERROR and FATAL levels to a file in the app's `LocalState` folder using [FileSnapshotTarget](
Caution on using `Debug.WriteLine` with NuGet. The NuGet packages are compiled as RELEASE mode and `Debug.WriteLine` calls are #ifdef'd out. Use
the ETW mode, or [FileStreamingTarget]( to see levels TRACE through WARN.
For Windows Store apps we recommend that you configure the [SQLiteTarget]( For support purposes,
you can load entries back out of the SQLite database and package them for email over the Share charm.
+You can use [JsonPostTarget]( to stream log messages back to an HTTP/HTTPS end-point of your
+own design. (Although we provide a sample app.)
We ensure that MetroLog is compataible with WACK requirements.

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