Enables Azure Key Vault secrets and certificates to be used by .NET Crypto
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The RSAKeyVaultProvider enables you to use secrets and certificates stored in an Azure Key Vault for performing signing and decryption operations. (Encrypt and verify can be done locally with the public key material.) The type derives from RSA so can be used anywhere an AsymmetricAlgorithm can be, including with SignedXml types.


NuGet: RSAKeyVaultProvider

CI feed is on MyGet: https://www.myget.org/F/rsakeyvaultprovider/api/v3/index.json


To run these tests, you'll need to import a code signing certificate into an Azure Key Vault. You can do this by importing the PFX for certs you already have, or, the harder way, by generating a CSR in the HSM and using that for an EV Code Signing certificate. You will also need to create a new RSA key using Add-AzureKeyVaultKey or the UI mentioned below. Use the key name as the azureKeyVaultKeyName in the config and the certificate name as the azureKeyVaultCertificateName.

Create a service principal / application and grant it access to the Key Vault with the following permissions:

Category Permission
Key Get, Sign, Decrypt
Certificate Get

You'll need to drop a json file called azure-creds.json in the tests private directory with the following values:

  "clientId": "",
  "clientSecret": "",
  "azureKeyVaultUrl": "",
  "azureKeyVaultCertificateName": "",
  "azureKeyVaultKeyName": "" 

Azure Key Vault Explorer

There's a handy GUI for accessing Key Vault and includes support for importing certificates: https://github.com/elize1979/AzureKeyVaultExplorer

The app defaults to logging into an @microsoft.com account, so if you want to connect to a different directory, you need to change the settings first. Change the Authority to https://login.windows.net/common and edit the DomainHints value to have your AAD domain(s) in it.