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Enable per-account configuration of Outlook S/MIME signing and encryption defaults

This is an Outlook add-in to enable per-account default settings for message signing and encryption. Helpful if you have multiple accounts in Outlook and only want to sign/encrypt from select ones by default.


A ClickOnce/VSTO setup program is here:

Run that and follow the prompts to install the AddIn. The AddIn will check for updates daily.


The add-in uses .NET 4.5.2 and is designed for Outlook 2013 and 2016. I've only tested with 2016 though so please report issues.


The addin won't do anything by default without configuration. You must first configure Outlook to use your Digital Certificate following the instructions here where it says "Specify Digital ID to use". You may have more than one if you have multiple accounts. If so, create a new "Security Settings Preference" for each. In the "Encrypted e-mail" settings shown there, do not enable "Encrypt contents.... " or "Add digital signature to outgoing messagers."

Those settings apply to all accounts you have in Outlook and will generate an error if you do not have a digital signature preference configured for all accounts. You also may not want to sign or encrypt messages for all accounts by default.

Next, create a new email message and go to the Options Tab: Ribbon

There are two options:

  1. Clicking the icon itself will suspend its behavior of signing/encrypting messages until your re-enable it. Useful if you want to send some messages without your configuration applied. You can still use per-message settings the normal way. Here's what it looks like suspended: suspended
  2. Clicking the dialog launcher in the lower-right corner (see arrow) to bring up the configuration window. This is how you specify what settings should apply per account. Select the account and then either or both Sign / Encrypt. Hit Ok to save the changes. Configuration

That's it, now just send an email. On send, it will apply the specified message settings, Sign, Encrypt, or both depending on which account you're sending from.


Please file issues on GitHub here in this repo. You can also reach me on twitter @onovotny.

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