View customize plugin for Redmine
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Redmine view customize plugin

This a plugin allows you to customize the view for the Redmine.


By adding JavaScript or CSS to the matched path, a screen is made customizable.


Install the plugin in your Redmine plugins directory, clone this repository as view_customize:

cd {RAILS_ROOT}/plugins
git clone view_customize
cd ../
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

note: The directory name must be a view_customize. Directory name is different, it will fail to run the Plugin.



  1. After you install the Plugin, "View customize" the administrator menu is added. Screenshot of admin menu Screenshot of list
  2. Add a new setting. Screenshot of new
  3. Path pattern is specified with a regular expression. (ex. /issues/[0-9]+) If there is a match with the path of the page, the code(JavaScript/StyleSheet) is executed. Screenshot of new path pattern
  4. Input code. Screenshot of new JavaScript Screenshot of new StyleSheet
  5. Matches the path, StyleSheet or JavaScrpt is embedded, the screen display is changed. Screenshot of view JavaScript Screenshot of view StyleSheet

Supported versions

  • Redmine 2.0.x or later


The plugin is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.