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Redmine issue assign notice plugin

It is a plugin of Redmine that notifies Slack, Rocket.Chat, Teams, Google Chat, Mattermost, etc. that the issue assignee changed.


Clone this repository to the Redmine plugin directory.
Then use bundle install to install the dependent libraries.

cd {RAILS_ROOT}/plugins
git clone
bundle install --without development test


From the plugin's configuration screen, configure the settings for notifications.

Screenshot of plugin configure

In the "Notice URL", enter the URL of the Incoming Webhook created in the destination (Slack, Rocket.Chat, etc.).

When the assignee changed, the webhook set in the "Notice URL" will be executed and the following message will be posted.

Screenshot of slack message

The content of the message is as follows.

  • Line #1: Information on change of assignee
  • Line #2: Project name, tracker, ticket number, title, status
  • Line #3: New ticket creation: description, ticket modification: note (up to 200 characters)

Set Notice URL for each project?

If you check "Set Notice URL for each project?", you can set the Notice URL for each project.
The Notice URL for each project is set in the custom field "Assign Notice URL" of the project. You should create a custom field and set it in each project.

Screenshot of create project custom field

Screenshot of project setting

Mention to assignee? (Except when you assign yourself)

If you check "Mention to assignee? (Except when you assign yourself)", you can include mention for the user who was assigned to the message. However, the one set by the assignee themselves will not be notified.

Screenshot of slack message

For the mention ID, the "Assign Notice ID" of the user's custom field is used. Make sure to create a custom field and set it for each user.

Screenshot of create user custom field

Screenshot of my account

The ID to be entered depends on the notification destination.

  • Slack: member ID
  • Rocket.Chat: user name
  • Teams: UPN (email address)
  • Google Chat: user ID
  • Mattermost: user name

Disable sending description and notes?

If you check "Disable sending description and notes?", the issue description and notes will not be included in notices.

Supported versions

Redmine 3.0.x - 3.4.x, 4.0.x or later


MIT License




This plugin was created with the help of the following plugin implementation. I would like to thank the author for publishing such a great plugin.

Part of the code of this plugin belongs to the above project.


It is a plugin of Redmine that notifies Slack, Rocket.Chat, Teams, Google Chat, Mattermost, etc. that the issue assignee changed.







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