A RoR app allowing users to login and post messages of 140 characters or less.
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app microposts are finished and functional Feb 21, 2012
db Setup Micropost model, spec, and factory. Linked user delete to corre… Feb 21, 2012
lib potentially fixing heroku rake issue Feb 21, 2012
log intial commit Oct 5, 2011
public cleaned up specs, updated README Dec 13, 2011
.gitignore intial commit Oct 5, 2011
.rspec setup template, added tests to spec for title and non-empty body Oct 5, 2011
.slugignore added a Heroku ignore file, .slugignore Nov 7, 2011
Gemfile.lock setup sample data, users index with pagination Dec 13, 2011
Rakefile finished user sign up and sign up rspec testing Nov 11, 2011



This is a sample RoR app written by Patrick, primarily following the Ruby on Rails tutorial with my own CSS and front-end tweaks. Shoutout to Michael Hartl for his excellent guide. User authentication is tough and writing it from scratch rocks!

Heroku pushes are semi-regular. Live Heroku demo

Ruby developer? if you work on this with RVM, run rvm use --default 1.9.3 #where 1.9.3 is your version

Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Patrick.