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set(gen_folder ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/gen/gen)
# a routine to delete all generated code when the parser is modified
OUTPUT ${gen_folder}/touched.txt # dummy output file so the custom target can be attached to this command
COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E remove_directory ${gen_folder} # 1st command to execute
COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory ${gen_folder} # 2nd command to execute
COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E touch ${gen_folder}/touched.txt # 3rd command to execute
DEPENDS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/scripts/ # the parser script as a dependency
COMMENT "[codegen] deleting all generated files because the parser has been modified")
add_custom_target(parser_modified DEPENDS ${gen_folder}/touched.txt) # so parsed targets can depend on it
# attaches custom commands for each file (header and source) to be parsed when modified and have the codegen regenerated
# will add a "CMake Rules" folder to the target because MAIN_DEPENDENCY cannot be used on source files
function(target_parse_sources target)
set(allowed_file_extensions h|cpp|hpp|hh|cc|cxx)
set(excluded_file_patterns "precompiled|_tests")
# get the sources of the target and iterate over each of them
get_target_property(sources ${target} SOURCES)
foreach(src ${sources})
# if the current file matches the criteria
if(src MATCHES \\.\(${allowed_file_extensions}\)$ AND NOT src MATCHES ${excluded_file_patterns})
set(src ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/${src}) # full path to input file
# name of generated file
get_filename_component(src_name ${src} NAME)
set(gen ${gen_folder}/${src_name}.inl)
OUTPUT ${gen}
DEPENDS ${src} # cannot use MAIN_DEPENDENCY - see this:
COMMAND python ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/scripts/ ${src} ${gen} # call the python script with the 2 filenames
COMMENT "[codegen] parsing ${src}")
# add the output to the target - so the custom command is attached somewhere
target_sources(${target} PRIVATE ${gen})
# mark the output files as generated
set_source_files_properties(${gen} PROPERTIES GENERATED TRUE)
# group the output files in a folder
source_group("gen" FILES ${gen})
# add the folder with the generated sources to the include directories of the target
target_include_directories(${target} PRIVATE ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/gen)
# make the target depend on the parser_modified target so when the parser is modified all files get re-parsed
add_dependencies(${target} parser_modified)