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ONS Prototype Kit

⚠️ Work in Progress ⚠️

A prototyping kit that uses the ONS Design System (GitHub).

Using this prototype kit

Before using this kit please fork it (from for your individual team. (Note: GitHub does not allow forking of your own repositories so this is the closest possible way of doing it)

git clone <your-fork-name>
cd <your-fork-name>
git remote set-url origin<your-fork-name>
git remote add upstream
git push origin master
git push --all

Applying updates from the original repository

git pull upstream master

Installing and using different Design System versions per prototype

It is possible to install different versions of the @ons/design-system to use in each template.

To install a specific version without overwriting existing versions use this command (where both the x.x.x are the version number you want):

yarn add @ons/design-system/x.x.x@npm:@ons/design-system@x.x.x

In all of your templates for your prototype you must specify the version number in the frontmatter like so:

group: Example
version: x.x.x

Removing a version of @ons/design-system

To remove a version of the @ons/design-system use:

yarn remove @ons/design-system/x.x.x
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