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Once you have `ginkgo` running on CI, you'll want to pick and choose the optimal set of flags for your test runs. We recommend the following set of flags when running in a continuous integration environment:
go run -r --procs=N --compilers=N --randomize-all --randomize-suites --fail-on-pending --keep-going --cover --coverprofile=cover.profile --race --trace --json-report=report.json --timeout=TIMEOUT
go run -r --procs=N --compilers=N --randomize-all --randomize-suites --fail-on-pending --keep-going --cover --coverprofile=cover.profile --race --trace --json-report=report.json --timeout=TIMEOUT --poll-progress-after=Xs --poll-progress-interval=Ys
Here's why:
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- `--trace` will instruct Ginkgo to generate a stack trace for all failures (instead of simply including the location where the failure occurred). This isn't usually necessary but can be helpful in CI environments where you may not have access to a fast feedback loop to iterate on and debug code.
- `--json-report=report.json` will generate a JSON formatted report file. You can store these off and use them later to get structured access to the suite and spec results.
- `--timeout` allows you to specify a timeout for the `ginkgo` run. The default duration is one hour, which may or may not be enough!
- `--poll-progress-after` and `--poll-progress-interval` will allow you to learn where long-running specs are getting stuck. Choose a values for `X` and `Y` that are appropriate to your suite. A long-running integration suite, for example, might set `X` to `120s` and `Y` to `30s` - whereas a quicker set of unit tests might not need this setting.
### Supporting Custom Suite Configuration
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