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Expand Up @@ -1131,7 +1131,7 @@ So far we've focused on how Ginkgo specs are constructed using nested nodes and

You typically use a matcher library, like [Gomega]( to make assertions in your spec. When a Gomega assertion fails, Gomega generates a failure message and passes it to Ginkgo to signal that the spec has failed. It does this via Ginkgo's global `Fail` function. Of course, you're allowed to call this function directly yourself:

It("can read books", func() {
if book.Title == "Les Miserables" && user.Age <= 3 {
Fail("User is too young for this book")
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -4109,7 +4109,7 @@ Describe("Repaginating Books", func() {

Now when this spec runs Ginkgo will print out a report detailing the experiment:

Will run 1 of 1 specs
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