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@onsi onsi released this 17 Sep 21:45
· 230 commits to master since this release


Generate real-time Progress Reports [f91377c]

Ginkgo can now generate Progress Reports to point users at the current running line of code (including a preview of the actual source code) and a best guess at the most relevant subroutines.

These Progress Reports allow users to debug stuck or slow tests without exiting the Ginkgo process. A Progress Report can be generated at any time by sending Ginkgo a SIGINFO (^T on MacOS/BSD) or SIGUSR1.

In addition, the user can specify --poll-progress-after and --poll-progress-interval to have Ginkgo start periodically emitting progress reports if a given node takes too long. These can be overriden/set on a per-node basis with the PollProgressAfter and PollProgressInterval decorators.

Progress Reports are emitted to stdout, and also stored in the machine-redable report formats that Ginkgo supports.

Ginkgo also uses this progress reporting infrastructure under the hood when handling timeouts and interrupts. This yields much more focused, useful, and informative stack traces than previously.


  • BeforeSuite, AfterSuite, SynchronizedBeforeSuite, SynchronizedAfterSuite, and ReportAfterSuite now support (the relevant subset of) decorators. These can be passed in after the callback functions that are usually passed into these nodes.

    As a result the signature of these methods has changed and now includes a trailing args ...interface{}. For most users simply using the DSL, this change is transparent. However if you were assigning one of these functions to a custom variable (or passing it around) then your code may need to change to reflect the new signature.


  • Modernize the invocation of Ginkgo in github actions [0ffde58]
  • Update reocmmended CI settings in docs [896bbb9]
  • Speed up unnecessarily slow integration test [6d3a90e]