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@onsi onsi released this 11 Oct 19:34
· 219 commits to master since this release


Interruptible Nodes and Timeouts

Ginkgo now supports per-node and per-spec timeouts on interruptible nodes. Check out the documentation for all the details but the gist is you can now write specs like this:

It("is interruptible", func(ctx SpecContext) { // or context.Context instead of SpecContext, both are valid.
    // do things until `ctx.Done()` is closed, for example:
    req, err := http.NewRequestWithContext(ctx, "POST", "/build-widgets", nil)
    _, err := http.DefaultClient.Do(req)

}, NodeTimeout(time.Second*20), GracePeriod(5*time.Second))

and have Ginkgo ensure that the node completes before the timeout elapses. If it does elapse, or if an external interrupt is received (e.g. ^C) then Ginkgo will cancel the context and wait for the Grace Period for the node to exit before proceeding with any cleanup nodes associated with the spec. The ctx provided by Ginkgo can also be passed down to Gomega's Eventually to have all assertions within the node governed by a single deadline.


  • Ginkgo now records any additional failures that occur during the cleanup of a failed spec. In prior versions this information was quietly discarded, but the introduction of a more rigorous approach to timeouts and interruptions allows Ginkgo to better track subsequent failures.
  • SpecContext also provides a mechanism for third-party libraries to provide additional information when a Progress Report is generated. Gomega uses this to provide the current state of an Eventually().WithContext() assertion when a Progress Report is requested.
  • DescribeTable now exits with an error if it is not passed any Entries [a4c9865]


  • fixes crashes on newer Ruby 3 installations by upgrading github-pages gem dependency [92c88d5]
  • Make the outline command able to use the DSL import [1be2427]


  • chore(docs): delete no meaning d [57c373c]
  • chore(docs): Fix hyperlinks [30526d5]
  • chore(docs): fix code blocks without language settings [cf611c4]
  • fix intra-doc link [b541bcb]