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@onsi onsi released this 07 Nov 20:52
· 187 commits to master since this release


Ginkgo output now includes a timeline-view of the spec

This commit changes Ginkgo's default output. Spec details are now
presented as a timeline that includes events that occur during the spec
lifecycle interleaved with any GinkgoWriter content. This makes is much easier
to understand the flow of a spec and where a given failure occurs.

The --progress, --slow-spec-threshold, --always-emit-ginkgo-writer flags
and the SuppressProgressReporting decorator have all been deprecated. Instead
the existing -v and -vv flags better capture the level of verbosity to display. However,
a new --show-node-events flag is added to include node > Enter and < Exit events
in the spec timeline.

In addition, JUnit reports now include the timeline (rendered with -vv) and custom JUnit
reports can be configured and generated using
GenerateJUnitReportWithConfig(report types.Report, dst string, config JunitReportConfig)

Code should continue to work unchanged with this version of Ginkgo - however if you have tooling that
was relying on the specific output format of Ginkgo you may run into issues. Ginkgo's console output is not guaranteed to be stable for tooling and automation purposes. You should, instead, use Ginkgo's JSON format
to build tooling on top of as it has stronger guarantees to be stable from version to version.


  • Provide details about which timeout expired [0f2fa27]


  • Add Support Policy to docs [c70867a]


  • Bump from 1.22.1 to 1.23.0 (#1070) [bb3b4e2]