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A little tool for authoring many tracker stories.

Prolific converts files that look like:

As a user I can toast a bagel

When I insert a bagel into toaster and press the on button, I should get a toasted bagel

L: mvp, toasting


As a user I can set the desired color of my bagel

I should be able to manipulate a dial and choose one of:

- light
- medium
- dark

Pressing the on button gives me toast of the appropriate color.

L: mvp, toasting


As a user I can clean my bagel toaster

I should be able to pull out a tray and clean up the crumbs.

L: mvp, clean-up


[BUG] Every third time I use it, the toaster jams

L: mvp


[CHORE] Reticulate the Toaster's turboencabulator

A metabolic endocrinide that the developrs will likely need to photoencapsulate.

- [ ] Re-enfarbulate the mitilandrinide
- [ ] Masticulate the retracto-mandible
- [ ] Effervesce all enteropolycarbides


[RELEASE] Toaster MVP is Ready

L: mvp

into CSV files ready for import into Tracker.


To install from source, make sure you have the Go toolchain installed, then: go install

Or just download the OS X binary from the GitHub releases page.


prolific template

Will generate a template stories.prolific file

prolific path/to/stories.prolific

Will emit a CSV version of the passed in prolific file. You can use > to shovel this content into a file. For example:

prolific stories.prolific > stories.csv


Prolific will also read content from standard input, which can be useful when combined with templates. For example:

erb stories.prolific.erb | prolific > stories.csv


Stories are separated by \n---\n\n. Each story is a block made up of:

  • Title: The first line following the delimiter becomes the story title. The story title must be on a single line. The title is required.
  • Story Type (optional): The story title can be preceded by an optional [X] story type. Legal values are [FEATURE] (the default), [BUG], [CHORE], and [RELEASE].
  • Description (optional): Content immediately after the title is placed, verbatim, as the story's description.
  • Tasks (optional): Content prefaced with - [ ] or * [ ] are converted into tasks (similar Github-flavored-Markdown checklists).
  • Labels (optional): If the last line before \n---\n\n begins with L: Prolific will interpret the content following L: as comma-separated labels.

Import into Tracker

Use the Import CSV function to add the stories to your project with the csv file or output from prolific.


The requester associated with the resulting stories will be the account used to import the csv file.


Prolific is MIT Licensed


It's like Markdown for Pivotal Tracker




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