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This repository tracks step-by-step code samples for the guides on

Admin Note

The steps of the guide map directly to single commits on a given branch. Git tags are used to link directly from to the commit on GitHub.

To update the tutorials, the updates must be rebased onto their proper step. To do this:

  1. Create a new branch with the current date (and optional post-fix, if multiple updates per day)
  2. git rebase -i 19ea229 (Rebase from the initial commit)
  3. Select each step that requires changes using the edit option.
  4. As you rebase, commit changes to the current step using git commit --amend
  5. Push your new branch. (Did you already push it before the rebase? You may need to CAREFULLY force push.)
  6. When the new code is ready to "release," update the tags for each step, one by one. (Ex: git tag -f a-1 mygithash)
  7. You remembered to check the tutorials to make sure the descriptions and examples match the new code, right?