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schemas Added new events for the Attendant Menu app Feb 26, 2018


This documentation is best understood by first reading through the developer guide to the OnSIP Webhooks service, which can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

This repository contains JSON Schemas to which each Webhook event conforms. These schemas are intended for developers to use to validate the data that they receive in the events. If you are unfamiliar with JSON Schema, you can refer to

We also provide coding examples in JavaScript and Python, using their respective JSON Schema libraries.

Generic Event

Below is the boilerplate for a generic event. It would pass validation on base.json.

    "id": "189004747f808d1fd2c4b848480fa270",
    "streamId": "1cd4606b-4c84-45b2-80f8-9318e7aea112",
    "subscriptionId": "300",
    "type": "generic",
    "createdAt": "2017-09-11T21:10:58.735641Z"

Understanding type

Each webhook event produced by our system contains a type field. The types are named hierarchically using the dot operator. This provides a convenient way to supply a set of filters when subscribing to a set of events. The * matches any word, the # matches any word or dot. For example:


The types also map directly to the hierarchical folder structure used for storing the schemas associated with the types in this repository. For example, the call.dialog.confirmed schema lives at schemas/call/dialog/confirmed.json.

Below is the list of all the currently supported types:

  • call.dialog.requested
  • call.dialog.confirmed
  • call.dialog.referred
  • call.dialog.terminated
  • call.dialog.failed
  • call.recording.uploaded
  • app.attendant-menu.started
  • app.attendant-menu.transferred
  • app.attendant-menu.invalid-dtmf
  • app.attendant-menu.abandoned

It is important to note that the schema does not care about the content of the values in a JSON object that it is validating, it only cares about the types of the values. Schemas are for validating structure and type. It is up to the user application to parse the type field and identify which schema to validate against.

Events with a payload

All events will contain at a minimum the fields specified by the generic event above. Events can optionally include a "payload" field, which is a nested object. The expected fields of the payload are defined in the schema for the corresponding type.


To test that a schema works as intended: npm test

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