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Leaflet map of restrictive covenants in property deeds in Hartford CT area in 1940s

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  • Property deed research by Katie Campbell in West Hartford CT, and David K. Ware in Manchester CT. See also David K. Ware, “The Black and White of Greenway: Racially Restrictive Covenants in Manchester, Connecticut.” Paper submitted for University of Connecticut School of Law, January 2020,
  • Leaflet map by Ilya Ilyakou and Jack Dougherty, which replaces the 2012 UConn MAGIC Google Map
  • If you know of other restrictive covenants, by race or religion, elsewhere in Connecticut, contact the author

See historical source materials in PDF folder

  • Land Records, Town of West Hartford, CT
    • Bel-Crest, Inc. development, vol. 158, p. 7-8, October 30, 1940, and map #250
    • Dryad’s Grove development, vol. 164, pp. 342-3, July 29, 1941, and map #271
    • High Ledge Homes development, vol. 152, pp. 224-5, June 10, 1940, and map #218
    • Hillside Homes development, vol. 164, pp. 168-9, May 26, 1941, and map #270
    • Unnamed Asylum Avenue development, vol. 154, p. 116, June 17, 1940; vol. 150, p. 456, May 20, 1940
  • Land Records, Town of Manchester, CT
    • Bowers Farm development, vol. 136, pp. 386-387, circa May 1940, and map SB2-19
    • Greenway Park development, vol. 141, p. 93, Nov 18, 1940, and map SB2-36
    • Lakewood Circle development, vol. 141, p. 270, June 21, 1941, and map SB2-18
  • East Haddam, Connecticut (incomplete -- not placed on map)
    • Moodus Estates subdivision, Warranty Deed, December 21, 1950 (submitted by Bob Rentenauer, December 10, 2019).


Leaflet map of race restrictive covenants in property deeds in Hartford CT area in 1940s




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