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Sanborn Fire Insurance maps 1922-1961 for Hartford CT volume 1

Sanborn Map Company, Insurance Maps of Hartford Connecticut (New York: Sanborn Map Co, 1922-1961), images digitized from Connecticut State Library,

Originally published 1922-23, updated to 1961. "Kept up to date by replacement pages and tissue paper overlays, some hand colored."

Digitized by Jack Dougherty, Trinity College, for On The Line

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US Library of Congress, “Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Online Checklist,”

Notes on volume 1

  • page 4 Constitution Plaza (underneath "practically all buildings in this block removed" Front St. Compare with 1950 version.
  • page 22 Ados Israel Synagogue, Market and Marsh Ct
  • page 41 Emanuel Synagogue, Agudas Achim Synagogue
  • page 42 Hebrew Ladies Home, Albany and Deerfield
  • page 47 Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue, Garden St; also Synagogue at Mather and Bedford St
  • page 53 Bellevue Square USHA project, 1940-41-42
  • page 62 (and prior pages) several churches labeled as "colored"
  • page 64 Congregation Beth Israel at Nelson and Barbour St (NOTE: should be Bess Israel, later known as the Barbour Street Shul)
  • page 65 Nelton Court USHA project
  • page 78 Hartford Public High School on Hopkins St
  • page 83 Ateres Knesseth Israel Synagogue, Enfield St
  • page 85 and 86 Stowe Village, Hartford Housing Authority


Sanborn Fire Insurance maps updated to 1961 for Hartford CT volume 1







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