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  OEP: <to be assigned>
  Title: Development of C# SDK
  Author: Panther142, Bobio2018
  Type: Meta
  Status: Draft
  Created: 2018-04-30

Table of Contents


To support the ongoing development of the Ontology ecosystem, a C# SDK is being developed. This SDK provides C# developers with an easy transition into producing applications and services that utilize the Ontology network. The github repository is located at:


Currently no C# SDK exists as the official Ontology SDKs are written for Java, TypeScript and Golang. We believe that the developement of this SDK significantly increases the potential development pool which will help to grow the Ontology developer community.


The C# SDK is being written targetting the .NET 4.7 framework and is designed to include the same features/functionality of the official Ontology SDKs (E.g. wallet functions, rest/rpc/sockets capability, ONTID support, etc).


The rationale for developing the C# SDK was to give potential developers more options with respect to their language of choice. C# is a popular and well supported programming language that is used around the world.

Backwards Compatibility

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Test Cases

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In progress