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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Dec 2, 2019

  1. 更新了查询周期每轮区块总数的接口;

  1. update the api to query the total block counts of each round;
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.19-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: 7b8c651be33d19f9689271cf839b00b3dc967b993a6b17abbd12ac092d6f154a
File: OWallet-0.9.19-Windows-Setup.exe
SHA256: 3f4211af67890b672ecfa2378c34f03090b5fbc253792d0d18ba15a491154d6f
File: OWallet-0.9.19-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: 209dafe3eefca41bd806f3668f1c0059d004081e518931c92cdaa63e838e673c
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Oct 15, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

  1. 修复查询“My Stake”时报错“Network error”的问题;

  1. Fixed an issue with "Network error" when querying "My Stake
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.18-Mac-Setup.dmg
File: OWallet-0.9.18-Windows-Setup.exe
File: OWallet-0.9.18-Linux-Setup.AppImage
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Sep 18, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

  1. 支持用户提取退出节点上的质押

  1. Support users to redeem the authorization stake on the exited node
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.17-Mac-Setup.dmg
File: OWallet-0.9.17-Windows-Setup.exe
File: OWallet-0.9.17-Linux-Setup.AppImage
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Aug 29, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

  1. 升级了ts sdk,解决OEP4转账金额是某些小数会失败的问题。

  1. Upgraded ts sdk to fix the problem that OEP4 transfer amount will fail when it is some decimals.
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.16-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: 0e72e8be28b76d78cab49ac830baa520d67d5bafed44be9d28facb2a084ef4cf
File: OWallet-0.9.16-Windows-Setup.exe
SHA256: 4169d6c9301d74cf701714c8696fd791e26d42a8644e96d4295ff1b577ca1b6e
File: OWallet-0.9.16-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: 1770f054ca68d1769b52c5550143406b020708d8d06455947fffec52a7e56652
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Aug 23, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

  1. 新增dapps模块;
  2. 合并了Sesame Seed 质押dapp;
  3. 修复了质押节点在测试网下分页显示错误的问题.

  1. Add a dapps module;
  2. Merged the Sesameseed node authorizaiton dap;
  3. Fixed the pagination error for node list when in testnet.
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.15-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: e462f66a136e5008b99611d34e5accfc0a06b20b0a8e36a51ff22d3611d936de
File: OWallet-0.9.15-Windows-Setup.exe
SHA256: 80b9378d0202eb1639e5bff410f00834a834d821d2de728c9441a35cef7f6d65
File: OWallet-0.9.15-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: c7a3276b1a03d10fbe68f1b88e8c3b05cefa569cc4f0077e997c674f02d16859
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Aug 21, 2019
Merge pull request #192 from MickWang/master
update dapps module

@jirarobot jirarobot released this Aug 8, 2019 · 44 commits to master since this release

  1. 多签钱包支持ledger;
  2. 修复了节点质押退出时,退款金额不正确的bug;
  3. 更新了部分UI;
  4. 支持不同加密参数的ONT ID 的keystore导入;
  5. 修改了导入钱包dat文件的部分逻辑;
  6. 替换了授权质押节点列表api

  1. Shared wallet supports ledger;
  2. Fixed a bug where the refund amount was incorrect when the node exited;
  3. Updated some UI;
  4. Supported keystore import of ONT ID with different encryption parameters;
  5. Modified part of the logic of the importing wallet dat file;
  6. Replaced the authorization stake node list api
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.13-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: 570d37ad90c6038230800192a1eccfeb1eaf56a2a0b83f880576736421c6366c
File: OWallet-0.9.13-Windows-Setup.exe
SHA256: e89dfe6d62c382c3f0a53b7c19372d1d94ecf0dbebf5e409e35fb267acd6ea1d
File: OWallet-0.9.13-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: fc062b0ca9cf8a9b820f0a9f0b0509951728e55c88ec59f751ae92e885eddb37
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Jul 19, 2019 · 65 commits to master since this release

Note: Please backup the existing keystore file before updating.

  1. 更新了部分UI;
  2. 更新了OEP-4相关功能,增加了OEP-4类型选择;
  3. 多签钱包现在已支持OEP-4;
  4. 替换使用了新版浏览器接口;

  1. Updated some of the UI;
  2. Updated OEP-4 related functions and added OEP-4 type selection;
  3. Multi-signed wallets now support OEP-4;
  4. Replace with the new browser interface;
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.12-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: a24fba7866422b8981ef748cd24a0d181e2d8d244df882d2abc7fb5707281e7a
File: OWallet_Setup_0.9.12.exe
SHA256: b490cdb22868db3e3dcd73192cb176c1b56a3dcbcd28f432e1e0ca10225b049c
File: OWallet-0.9.12-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: 5726de7183db21772fee09d1e154db6e2d12c6e0a105dd82e2248f2fba939bb2
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Jun 26, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

  1. 修复了查询“我的质押”记录错误的问题;

  1. Fixed the error searching result of "My Stake" issue;
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.11.dmg
SHA256: 500ce6de9310ccf23c40ec1977c4a1520a05477efe9f156e0c1c3d253aa95f7a
File: OWallet_Setup_0.9.11.exe
SHA256: 613ec38f01e66c2eeb9b9c0af2832c1b3c4cece771919471a267a993f090c05f
File: owallet-0.9.11-x86_64.AppImage
SHA256: cb3d094830ba259659922c1242884b1152798f254b2499d2b0468ffcfd578d94
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@jirarobot jirarobot released this Jun 21, 2019 · 79 commits to master since this release

  1. 增加了节点地址选择;
  2. 更新了导入钱包dat文件功能,导入dat文件中第一个默认钱包,如果没有默认钱包则导入dat文件中第一个钱包
  3. 修复了ledger钱包转账时设备上显示金额错误的问题;
  4. 修复了依赖项问题;
  5. 修复了共享钱包redeem ong失败问题;

  1. Added the node addresses selection;
  2. Updated the .dat import function. Now it will import the first default account of the dat file. If there is no default account ,it will import the first account. Supports dat files with different scrypt parameters.
  3. Fixed the transfer amount display error on ledger device.
  4. Fixed the dependency vulnerability issue
  5. Fixed the redeem ong failed issue of shared wallet.
File hashes
File: OWallet-0.9.10-Mac-Setup.dmg
SHA256: fdba7e4b168053baadf4f5e4f78c308998d8b263b29b908bd1cbdfda4ee2a4d5
File: OWallet-0.9.10-Windows-Setup.exe
SHA256: 6f973aa0b93ee8a9c1bc93aee52965489f40561938527ad534f91c0c2850aba6
File: OWallet-0.9.10-Linux-Setup.AppImage
SHA256: ec09fe89b4aaa5287d46525f194bd4e28568fbea8504a8337be7ca4cf09e4d80
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