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This release of ROBOT includes the new report command and a number of other improvements.

report runs a series of quality control checks (SPARQL queries) over the input ontology and generates a TSV or YAML report file based on the results. We will add and revise these checks with input from the OBO community. See http://robot.obolibrary.org/report.

Other changes:

  • --collapse-import-closure option for merge: When true (the default) all imports will be merged and all owl:import statements will be removed. Possible breaking change: In previous versions of ROBOT, owl:import statements were not removed. #275
  • improved error messages, linking to ROBOT website #246
  • global --catalog FILE option #274
  • --check option for convert allows conversion of more OBO-format files
  • --include-annotations option for merge allows better control of ontology annotations #277
  • --copy-ontology-annotations option for extract, #319
  • --dump-unsatisfiable option for reason, #174