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@jamesaoverton jamesaoverton released this 28 May 19:34
· 1 commit to master since this release


  • Added option to input template strings from external file #1152


  • Updated duplicate_exact_syonym report query to be case-insensitive and ignore synoyms annotated as abbreviation or acronym synonym types #1179
  • Extend --drop-axiom-annotations option to support value-specific removal of axiom annotations #1193
  • Add --enforce-obo-format, --exclude-named-classes and --include-subclass-of features to relax command #1060, #1183
  • Updated obographs to version 0.3.1(
  • Updated OWL API to 4.5.29. This includes a major update to OBO Format which now supports IDSPACE declarations(owlcs/owlapi#1102) (non-OBO Foundry prefixes).
  • Updated Elk to version 0.6.0, see here(liveontologies/elk-reasoner#48 (comment)).


  • '--annotate-with-source true' does not work with extract --method subset #1160
  • Fix how Template adds entities to the QuotedEntityChecker #1104
  • merge and 'annotate' operations '--annotate-defined-by' excludes reserved OWL 2 vocabularies #1171
  • Handle IRIs that are not entities in export #1168
  • Fix integration tests #1181
  • robot repair is fixed to be more flexible, to enable partial repairs #1194
  • Invalid Xrefs test has been fixed to recognise invalid CURIEs correctly #1127
  • Fix issue with correctly determining base entities #1108