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A web-based repository for distributed ontologies, models and specifications.

An ontology is a formal, logic-based description of the concepts and relationships that are of interest to an agent (user or service) or to a community of agents. The conceptual model of an ontology reflects a consensus, and the implementation of an ontology is often used to support a variety of applications such as web services, expert systems, or search engines. Therefore, ontologies are typically developed in teams. Ontohub wants to make this step as convenient as possible. Besides ontologies, Ontohub also supports formal models and specifications, or more generally, logical theories.

Ontohub aims at satisfying a subset of the requirements for an Open Ontology Repository (OOR) and is being developed in close donnection with the Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language (DOL), which is part of the emerging Ontology, Model and Specification Integration and Interoperability standard (OntoIOp) at OMG. For more information from this perspective, see the Ontohub home page.

This application started at the compact course agile web development given by Carsten Bormann at the University of Bremen in March, 2012. The concept and assignment came from Till Mossakowski, now in Magdeburg and Christoph Lange.

Initial developers are Julian Kornberger and Henning Müller.

Developer- and deployment-centric documentation can be found in the doc/ directory and in our Wiki pages.


A guide to set up your own instance of ontohub you can find in the deployment guide.

Also a guide for development environment for Mac OS X and Ubuntu in the Wiki.


Copyright © 2012 Universität Bremen and Universität Magdeburg, released under the GNU AGPL 3.0 license.