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We build open tech that give people more control over their data. Creators of @atomicdata-dev.


Ontola is a small software company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We like making tools that give people more control over their data.

Currently, we're mostly working on Atomic Data and Atomic Server, a new way to create and share linked data. For repositories related to Atomic data, see atomicdata-dev.

In the past, we've worked on the e-democracy SAAS platform (open source) and on the Solid project (in the DexPod, as on various libraries).


  1. argu Public

    E-democracy & community management platform

    Ruby 1

  2. atomic-argu Public

    Project websites powered by Sveltekit + @tomic/svelte + Atomic-Server

    Svelte 1

  3. Elasticsearch front-end for searching through meeting data from 100+ municipalities

    TypeScript 9 6

  4. ontologies Public

    Never manage a namespace object map again, scrap typo's for well-known ontologies. Like DefinitelyTyped, but for ontologies.

    TypeScript 47 8

  5. home Public

    Ontola web page

    TypeScript 4 1


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