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Browser console debugging features for Link-Redux projects.


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Browser console debugging features for Link-Redux projects.


Get the React devtools

First install the react devtools if you haven't got them already.



Installation and Usage

yarn add @ontola/link-devtools V npm i @ontola/link-devtools

Add the following to the place where your LinkedRenderStore is initialized;

import { createStore } from 'link-redux';
import enableDevtools from '@ontola/link-devtools'

// Wherever
const lrs = createStore();

The dev object should now be present when loading your app. // Will output the available commands

If dev is undefined, please check that the react devtools are in fact installed and enabled in your current browser session.

Note: These methods are convenience methods, please do not use or depend on them in your code!

Try calling to see all available commands.

dev.obj(iri: string | number | NamedNode)

The dev.obj() function can take an URL as a string or NamedNode and will show the data currently in the store.

Select a LinkedResourceContainer in the React devtools and call in the browser console.


When selecting a LinkedResourceContainer, call dev.reload to force link to reload the resource from the server.